WooCommerce and Sage 50 Integration Solution

If you are running a business and connect with your customers to search any information via the Internet, it is vital for you that you have the best e-commerce platform to ensure data and transactions are well synchronized. The WooCommerce Sage 50 integration solution is intended to process accounting tasks so that the user’s time and capital are saved. If you are Sage 50 user it is time to integrate your Sage 50 Accounts Software with WooCommerce. Why? Find out solid reasons to opt for WooCommerce & Sage 50 Integration Solution in the following content.

Know about WooCommerce

WooCommerce is basically a Word Press eCommerce connection that is here to renovate the WordPress website to a complete featured eCommerce store. It is a cost-free plug-in source for WordPress, designed for all sized online business vendors. Orders in WooCommerce are processed on daily basis and are integrated to Sage system as sales orders.

Common WooCommerce and Sage 50 Integration Solution scenarios

  • Automate download of WooCommerce orders into Sage 50.
  • Automate transfer of transaction IDs and online payment details to Sage.
  • Automate transfer of stock levels, order status, and images to WooCommerce from Sage.
  • Create an automatic report and monitor the vital stock level data
  • Automate rules-based order placement with chosen courier service
  • Management of customer information between Sage and WooCommerce
  • Automate distribution of online or offline WooCommerce orders

Commercial benefits of WooCommerce and Sage 50 Integration Solution

  • Eradicate incorrect data entry associated with human errors
  • Minimal time is taken in dispatching the order
  • Lessen operational expenses and requirements to recruit seasonal workers
  • Enhanced data visibility in order to help out in decision making
  • Automate synchronization of order and item management to:
  1. save time in transferring files between both the systems
  2. prevent re-keying the errors
  3. efficiently manage stock
  4. Have just one master order and product source

WooCommerce and Sage 50 Integration issues

Employing an e-commerce is an important project to take up. Hence, when integrating WooCommerce with your systems, you have to address the following key issues.

  1. You should not be expected to manually update products and draw orders. Though it may be cost-effective, it may actually cost you more in terms of errors and staff time.
  2. What are the data needed to synchronize? The major master data item includes inventory, pricing, and customers.
  3. What are the transaction fields that are needed to be integrated? The required transactions field will depend on the industry type.
  4. How do you create automatic file integration? This is vital for updating large volume, in order to save time. You are required to have the ability to make the change on the items that have altered.

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