What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019?

Here is the list of Sage 50 US 2019 version’s Tools and Features that will help you understand your software from very close.

Drop-down menu in Invoicing/Sales Window – There is a drop-down list available in the sales order that allows the user to select a sales order that he/she can convert into invoice/sale. It is to retain long numbers that used to get cut off earlier.

Stability and Security Update – There are several updates going on at the back. It helps in improving the stability and security of Sage 50. The number of UAC prompts will also be reduced due to these updates.

Sage CRM Integration – You will now have your sage integrated with the cloud. This will ultimately help you maintain and enhance your relationship with the customer.

View Lists with total adds for purchases and quotes – When the user is in the Receive/Purchase inventory or in Quote Window, a total at the bottom will be explained. Now, this is called self-explanatory. Isn’t it?

User Security Updates

Sage 50 is now endorsed with all new data security options that do not let unauthorized users pass or perform any fraudulent activities. Sage 50 has a streamlined installer for existing security that helps UAC (User Accounts Control) prompt message. The User should have Admin Credentials to perform the tasks to execute Admin-Level Tasks.

What is New in Sage 50 U.S. Edition 2019

Sage Payroll Sync: Such releases cover the latest Azure Security Updates and Standard Compliances to improve reliability at large operations.

Maintenance of Microsoft Office 365 (Integration): The upgrade covers enhanced Reliability and Performance criteria for Sage Users.

Sage Payment Cloud Maintenance: Performance and reliability improvements are included in this update.

PayPal has now become a trusted partner of Sage. This put forth some of the latest features you had been missing for a long time. Payment on Sage via PayPal now makes your payment very easy, secure and convenient as well to both the sides.

Now, you can invoice your customer via email and you can now integrate PayPal feature of Pay Now button on the invoice and the customer can use debit/credit card to make payment. All the payments will be directly deposited or processed online securely to your bank.

Integration of Sage 50 CRM

Sage CRM communication system is ideal for such organizations that will help you streamline your customer staff and department in terms of financial info.

There is now an ease in the ability to create business orders with the help of Sage CRM. The interface then comes across Sage Accounting System.

Here are some of the key points of Integration of Sage 50 CRM

  • Display of Last Day Invoice
  • Comparison between Last Year-To-Date Sale to YTD Sale.
  • List of invoice and order history.
  • The user can go through historical invoices and orders.

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