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In Sage 100 software, Visual Integrator is a tool that helps with the monotonous daily task of importing the business framework data instead of manually entering by somebody. This process minimizes the risk of error and increases the efficiency of the work. Besides, importing and exporting business framework, visual integrator also helps in robust integration edge to the decisive accounting data.

Importing and Exporting Business Framework Data with Visual Integrator:

Importing of Business framework data in Sage 100 is hassle-free and easy. Below are steps to import data with Visual Integrator tool.

1. Firstly choose the “Import Job Maintenance”

2. A “Visual Integrator Import Job Selection” message box appears. In the dialog box, enter the “Job Name” and choose “Table Name” (as GL Account) from the “Table List” dialog box and click “Accept”

3. Since GLIMPORT is a new job click “yes” and “Import Job Maintenance” dialog box would appear.” Select the File, in the “Configuration Tab Type from the available options.

4. After selecting the File Type “ODBC Data Source”, choose the Data Source and then enter the name of the table.

5. Next, visit the data tab and choose the field names

6. Double-click on each file to make changes. “Import Field Properties” message box appears, once you double click the file.

7. Once the necessary changes are done you are all set to run the created job. Click to “accept”; to the appeared dialog box to perform the created job, to continue, click “Yes”.

8. Click on “Test” to begin importing the tables. Lastly, an Import synopsis appears. You can also view the job log.

We are positive enough that by following the above-given steps you are successfully able to import business framework data files by making use of Visual Integrator.


In the configuration page if the message “Header Separate from Line Record” is not chosen, then you require not to describe anything in the “Record” tab apart from the “Skip Record” which is required to skip proceedings in the source files. Skip the Source Data Transaction that can be selected within two scenarios:

1. While Importing the GL Account numbers that are no longer than 9 characters comprising of the “-” separators
2. While Importing the descriptions for over 30 characters

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