How to Upgrade or Convert Your Company file to a Newer Version of QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks desktop software has several useful and reliable tools to make it the best companion for any small and medium-sized businesses. With the QuickBooks tech support to lend hands whenever required, the software has helped businesses to deal with their financial aspects quite easily, and without any hassles. If you are a QuickBooks user, you might have to upgrade or convert the company files to a newer version of the software, whenever there is an update available. The conversion or upgrading process is simpler and can be done using the below-mentioned steps. However, before upgrading, there are certain aspects to remember:

  • An admin or SysAdmin are only allowed to do upgrade or conversion of company files.
  • The upgrade can be done only from the ‘Server’ computers or the primary computers, where the company files are saved locally.
  • Upgrading through a network is not advisable.
  • Once upgraded, the company files cannot be opened in the older versions or cannot be converted back to the older versions.

Upgrade or Convert company file to the new version:

It is essential to upgrade or convert the company files stored in your system to the newer version to allow error-free and easy access. QuickBooks constantly sends updates for their software and using a QuickBooks upgraded version with additional features has its advantages too. Hence, if you have recently upgraded your software to a newer version, it is necessary to upgrade or convert your company files to this version too, for easy access. If you are not comfortable with doing the conversion at your end, you can always call in the helpdesk numbers at accounts portal technical support numbers. Alternatively, try out the following steps to convert company files to new versions of the software:

  • Open the new QuickBooks Desktop version uploaded in your computer.
  • Click on the FILE menu, and select ‘OPEN or RESTORE’ company from the list displayed.
  • From the list, click on ‘OPEN A COMPANY FILE’ and click ‘NEXT
  • Select the file that you want to move to the new version and then click on ‘OPEN’. A ‘MOVE COMPANY FILE’ window might appear when opening the file. Do the needful, as per the instructions provided.
  • In case ‘MOVE COMPANY FILE’ is not available, read the information on the ‘UPDATE COMPANY FILE FOR NEW VERSION’ panel displayed. Click ‘UPDATE NOW’ to convert the file to the new version.
  • A detailed instruction will be available to show how the file can be backed-up in the new version of the software. Follow the instructions to do the same, and SAVE the file in a known location.
  • Now try opening the company file using the new version of the software, by clicking ‘YES’ when prompted. Your file will open in the new version.

Although you have converted the company files to the new version, it is always advisable to create a back-up immediately in a safe location for further use. The backup files from the older version can also be used, in case the conversion was not successful or you have a problem in converting a company file to the new version.

If the problem persists, keep the backup file handy, or call the accountsportal tech help team for support and guidance. The experts from the QuickBooks technical support team can help you restore or retrieve any lost data and help convert or upgrade company file to the newer version of the software, immediately to ensure safer transfer of data.

Company files carry a copious amount of data and have to be shifted to the new version to make it accessible and workable. Ensure that you have the accountsportal QuickBooks helpdesk number ✆+1-800-796-0471 with you before conversion process, for a hassle-free and easy upgrading of files.