Apply Critical Fixes Updates for QuickBooks Desktop (1800-796-0471) 9 Steps Best Solution

Have you ever considered QuickBooks basic fixes? Have you thought at any point why it is compulsory to Update QuickBooks to the Critical Fixes from time to time? The new “critical fix” not only enables QuickBooks to push out interim fixes to the QuickBooks without going through a “noteworthy release” procedure. This “critical update” enables QuickBooks to rapidly react to issues found in the field after a release. Assume if an issue is found in Release 5, for instance, in the old way they would need to hold up until the point that the Release 6 before it was released. A critical fix will play an essential part in such situations where necessary fixes can be founded on the Release 5 code and can be pushed out more speedily.

How to Apply Critical Fixes Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

Step 1. Open QuickBooks and scroll down to Help menu
Step 2. Click on Update QuickBooks.
Step 3. Click Update now
Step 4. Scroll down and click on Critical fixes option for the selection
Step 5. Once the selection is made, now select Get Updates option
Step 6. Once the update is complete for the critical fixes, click on ‘x’ to close the Update QuickBooks window
Step 7. Close the QuickBooks application program.
Step 8. Once the application shuts down, restart your computer system.
Step 9. As soon as the computer system starts, open the application.

Note: It is a critical step to guarantee the successful installation of Critical Fixes.

Important Point to Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure to double verify the critical fixes are installed in the system or not by going back to the path Help update QuickBooks> Update Now and ensuring that Critical fixes say New files installed.

An alternate method to verify whether the Critical Fixes (ULIP) have been applied successfully.

Option 1:

  • For 64 bit Windows Operating System– Go to C:\ Program Files (x86)\ Intuit\ QuickBooks YEAR\ Critical Fixes
  • For 32 bit Windows Operating System– Go to C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks YEAR\ Critical Fixes

Option 2: You can also check by the following procedure: –

  • You should not see the force_apply_ulip.dat file. If you are able to locate.DLL (DLL) files in the Critical Fixes Folder, then critical fixes are applied successfully.
  • In case you see the force_apply_ulip.dat file, then the critical fixes did not apply successfully. In this scenario, you need to repeat the steps mentioned above to make sure that the patch has been applied successfully.

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