What to Do if Unable to Login to Sage 2014?

Sage 50 2014 is a collection of business solutions software that helps companies from various industries with payroll calculation, accountancy, and HR-related matters. Sage 50 integrates with MS Office 365 and offers cloud functionality, making collaboration and on-the-go data access possible.

Users may face a host of issues while logging into Sage 50. These are mentioned below:

  • The user name/password might not work
  • The password might have to be reset or is reset
  • Users are unable to log in to company
  • Users have forgotten the password
  • This message could appear- Error: “The user name or password you entered is not correct. Both the user name and password are case sensitive. Please try again.”
  • The username/password is incorrect
  • Users can’t recall the company login credentials


❖   Users must first check that the company being accessed is correct.

❖   Next, it must be ensured that the username and password entered exactly match the ones that were initially created; case-sensitivity must be adhered to.

❖   If unsure about the username, users must look for ‘*.cac’ and ‘*.cax’ in the company directory. The files that are found are user names, .i.e., the user name is the file name. For example, TOM’s username would be ‘TOM.cax”.

❖   If the user was created in a previous release of Sage 50 and the username exceeds 16 characters, or the password exceeds 9 characters, users must enter as much of each credential as seem to fit and then select OK.

❖   Users must type the password in MS Word or Notepad to check if all the keystrokes can be accurately registered. Then, they must try to copy and paste the password that’s been verified in the password section.

❖  The company’s admin can change the passwords. If the admin is able to log in, the instructions in Part 1 below must be followed. If the admin is unable to log in, the instructions in Part 2 must be followed.

Part 1: Resetting user’s password

If the admin can log in, he/she should reset the user’s password and then check that the user can log in.

Part 2: Wrong company is opened

Users must open the program and choose the ‘Browse’ button for finding all the companies. Then, the correct company must be chosen, and it must be checked that it is possible to log in now.

Part 3: User doesn’t have a license

Users must log in as administrator and select ‘Maintain’, followed by ‘Users’ and then ‘Set Up Security’. Next, the ‘License’ box beside the user’s name must be checked and then OK selected.

Next, the user must log in to the computer as an administrator and check that the user is shown to have the license. Then, it must be checked that user can log with the set user name.

Part 4: User’s password can’t be reset, or the admin can’t log in

In this situation, users must contact our Sage experts.

Part 5: Restoring a backup created prior to conversion

Users must refer to resources on restoring the backup to a new company or overwriting present data.

If you don’t find these steps helpful or need more information, kindly contact the Accountsportal.co Sage 50 Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number ✆+1-800-796-0471. Our support help desk at Accountsportal.co for Sage can provide 24X7 help on any Sage product and application.