Unable to determine Sage 50 Security Privilege Issue

Sage 50 Privilege Security Issue

  • Shows an error message: “Unable to determine security privileges.” The window may close down or ask you to try it all again later.
  • This can probably be due to blocked account access due to the presence of some critical files.
  • When the user is not able to open the company.

Here are some of the causes of Sage 50 Security Privilege Issue

  • When the user tries to access the Company Information
  • When the account gets terminated in an unusual way
  • Company folder is damaged while performing restore function
  • Pervasive – Damaged or Struck
  • When the user tries to access the company using an external device

These are the steps you need to follow to get the issue resolved:

Solution #1: Use an external drive or device to open the company

If the user opens the company on an external device, it is very important for you to move the company to the internal device and then try to open the company file.

Solution #2: Close if any Company Information is available

  • The error may take place when the user tries to open the company on some other system and the company window is already open on the computer.
  • Use other workstations to close the information window of the company and then make an attempt.

Solution #3: For a software being used on multiple systems, you need to reboot the pervasive:

  1. First, make sure no one is using Sage Accounting Software.
  2. Now, press Windows key + R together
  3. Type Service.MSC and then press Enter
  4. PSQL Pervasive Engine Service will appear
  5. Click on Stop and the service will be stopped
  6. Once you make sure it is stopped, click on the restart and the service will start

Solution #4: Restart Server and other computers

  1. If you are working on the network, make sure that all the users have successfully logged out of Sage
  2. Now, restart your server and other computers
  3. Now, make sure that all the users sign-in and check the company one by one

Solution #5: Repair the Program

  1. Make a folder on the desktop and move all the files and folders (You can leave Company Data Folder) or you can simply remove the files also.
  2. Here you need to run the repair program. It has a bit difficult procedure, we suggest you connect with us so that our Sage 50 technical team can ensure the proper delivery of the service.
  3. Make sure that you don’t receive any error message. If any windows firewall message pops-up, make sure that the pervasive and Sage both pass successfully through the firewall.

Solution #6: Backup Restoration

  1. The backup you have taken from the new company, you need to restore it to the new company.
  2. Now, check whether you can open the company or not.

To know more, call us on our Toll-Free Number +1 (800) 796-0471 or connect with us via our Live Chat Support and our technical team will get back to you via any of the modes to provide you complete assistance so that you don’t have to face the same or any other issue again and again.