Unable to Activate After Upgrading to Sage 50 2016 to 2017 & 2018?

SAGE accounting software includes a number of features and services which requires proper configuration & installation. SAGE 50 is most popular among all other and best choice of small business owners & Sole Proprietorship firm. Our Sage Technical support team acts as a guide who can guide the user properly on how to set up & configure SAGE software with the organization. Below are few of Sage 50 Activation error encountered while upgrading to a higher version.

Detecting Sage 50 Activation Problem

Sage 50 users experience two types of error which are as follows:

  • Displays Error: “There was a problem in activating. Please try again later.”
  • Displays Error: “There was a problem with the Activation files for Sage 50.” This kind of error is encountered when a person is unable to activate the program while up gradation, unable to use the program, unable to open the program or unable to refresh subscription.

Why Activation Error Occurs?

  • Your server is upgraded but workstations are not or Workstations are upgraded but the server was not.
  • Fireball or Anti-virus starts blocking Internet access.
  • There is no Internet connection or incorrect settings in internet options (proxy setting blocking.
  • When workstation cannot ping the server.
  • When Operating Systems are the damaged or incomplete installation of programs.
  • Data path is incorrect or data path files are damaged
  • Program path not installed in program files on the 64-bit operating system.
  • Multiple versions are installed simultaneously using the same data paths.
  • When incorrect Serial Number or key is entered while installation.
  • Btrieve (navigational database) is running.
  • Pervasive has not started running or it is damaged.

Helpful Hint:

For installing Sage software on the workstation, the user can take help of our Sage Support Technical team for stepwise directions.

Resolution for Sage 50 Activation Error

Sage software’s most crucial errors which users are facing during update and upgrade are as following: Code 30, code 20, 8591, 1324, 1935, 1721, 1722, 1605, 1905, 3006, 3110, 3111, 3012, 3014, 3112. For advanced steps, contact our excellent Sage error support team on the toll-free number +1-800-796-0471. They are always there to help you out for various code error stepwise direction.

If you are upgrading Sage 50 2017 on the server, you might receive an error like “There was a problem activating” or “Unable to Activate” when attempting to activate Sage 50 on your server. You need to check the following things:

  • Need to take ensure that your fireball is open
  • Now disable the fireball for this test before upgrading.
  • Now if still by chance there is Sage 50 Installation problem, then you should rename the clientinfo.xml record.
  • To rename clientinfo.xml file, make sure everyone is out of Sage 50.
  • Rename clientinfo.xml to ClientinfoBAK.xml
  • Now Run Sage 50 on the server.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Pervasive by following the instructions in Article id-11814, as for how to completely remove and reinstall pervasive in related resources.
  • Verify the Windows system data is set correctly.

Technical Support for Sage 50 Activation error

Sage 50 Activation problems can be resolved by the above methods but still if there is any problem our Sage Technical support experts are available round the clock to assist you. Operating system warning requires advance knowledge of your computer’s operating system. Contact our knowledgeable Sage technical support team experts. Modifying your Windows Registry incorrectly can severely affect systems operations hence; always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.

We support all issues related to Sage 50, targeted at small to mid-sized law offices and professional services organizations. Our SAGE experts will analyze, help & instruct you (24×7) for excellent services about Sage 50 technical Support and related products in detailed manners.

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