Troubleshooting Sage CRM 300 ERP Integration Errors

Sage 300 is an ERP solution known as Enterprise Resource Planning software. It was previously called Sage ERP Accpac. It is designed for small and medium industries. While Sage CRM is the Customer Relationship Management software designed for the small and medium industries. It is available in two editions Sage CRM Cloud Professional and Sage CRM On-Premises.

Sage has designed its business management software in such a way that you can easily integrate its one application with others. The API used for developing its interface is highly advanced and secure. It will easily integrate your applications and secure all your information. Sage CRM version 7.0 and newer versions can be easily integrated with Sage 300 ERP version 6.0 and newer versions. Though their integration process is extremely easy and simple there are instances where your integration may not be successful due to any technical error that may have occurred while integrating the software.

Troubleshooting Errors while integrating Sage CRM & Sage 300 ERP

Here are some errors that you may come across while integrating Sage 300 ERP and Sage CRM. You can also read about their troubleshooting steps that will resolve your errors that occur while integrating the software.

  • Error while promoting a vendor or customer
    • Error: asp on line 427, when you are trying to promote a vendor or customer from Sage CRM to Sage 300 ERP.
    • Causes: you will receive this error message when you are trying to promote a vendor but they are not selected as a default person as they are indicated.
    • Solutions: The solution here will resolve your error:
      • Check your Sage CRM record.
      • Go to the People tab and open the people who are listed.
      • Press Change option and verify that you have selected Set as Default Person for the Company option box, which is located in the bottom corner in your Person Panel.
      • Press Save
      • Try promoting again.
    • Error occurred due to bad password issue with Sage CRM and Sage 300 ERP
      • Error: Error occurred when you are trying to Test the workstation Setup or when you are pressing the Save option after applying the changes for the records that are incorporated with the Sage CRM.
      • Causes: It generally occurs due to a bad password configuration with either Sage 300 ERP or Sage CRM. It can be also due to both of the software creating a password issue.
      • Solution: Follow the steps below to resolve your error:
        • For Sage CRM:
          • Open Administration window for Sage CRM.
          • Go to Users option > Users > CRM.
          • Press Change option and create a password.
          • Press Save.
        • For Sage 300 ERP:
          • Open Sage CRM and go to Sage CRM setup.
          • Make sure that the user that is logged in as same.
          • Enter the password now and press Save.
          • Close the window.

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