Swift File Recovery with QuickBooks Data Recovery Support Number

In today’s scenario where 90% of the work is done digitally, data backup and recovery has become an integral part of every individual. Nowadays, every function of business has corresponding software through which people can electronically finish their work.

This helps to lower down the scope of errors; however, keeping data only electronically can lead to a loss if they are not backed up properly. The same is the case with QuickBooks Accounting Software which basically handles the accounting and financial part of the business. In case you are facing any issue of data loss you can connect with proficient technical experts through QuickBooks data recovery service number.

QuickBooks software, invented by Intuit, has always placed the needs of their customers at the utmost pedestal. Keeping in tune with this tradition, Intuit came out with Data Recovery Service for its customer, which basically offers a comprehensive and complete solution which can easily recover the lost or deleted file and data of the user.

This service was initially brought out in QuickBooks 2010 R6 as well as QuickBooks 2011 R12 edition of US and was integrated with QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier Software.

One of the most common errors reported by many users through QuickBooks data recovery support number is that QuickBooks company file cannot be opened. Now, this could be due to issue software or it could be due to the corruption of Company File. If the file already had a backup copy, it could have easily been retrieved from there but if the backup is not there, then the user can employ Company File Diagnostic Tool that will perform in-depth analysis of the file and try to repair it.

However, at times this tool is unable to resolve the issue and the user will perforce have to send the file to Intuit housed data services team who will work next on the problem. Ensure that you have the backup of this file before you send it out to the team.

This whole issue of sending the file to the data services team can be easily avoided if proper backup had already been performed. QuickBooks files basically consist of financial data of the business like expenses & incomes, payable & receivables, payroll information, sales tax etc. which are vital for the smooth running of the company.

Hence, as recommended by Intuit, before even thinking of going for QuickBooks Data Recovery Service number as a solution, try to have a backup of your data at regular interval. This will not only save up necessary resources but also save the headache of approaching customer service. The backup process can be set up in few steps illustrated below:

  • Open the QuickBooks software, select ‘File’ menu tab followed by the option ‘Save Copy or Backup’ from the new menu.
  • Click on the button against ‘Backup Copy’ and then click on Next tab.
  • Now from the options showcased highlight Local Backup and click on it. Then select the ‘Options’ tab.
  • Now in order to select the destination for the backup file click on ‘Browse’ and choose appropriate ‘Option’ from the folder followed by click in ‘OK’.
  • In the window labelled ‘Backup Options’, select tab ‘OK’ followed by ‘Next’ option.
  • Lastly, click on the option ‘Save It Now’ of the ‘Save Copy or Backup’ menu. Type-in the name for the backup file against ‘File Name’ and then click on ‘Save’ button.

This should easily ensure complete backup of your data and files so that in future all you need to do is recover it from here again. However, if the file backup still does not function properly, then you should get in touch with Intuit Certified ProAdvisors who are adept in handling all sorts of data recovery tasks.

In case the customer support team of Intuit is not getting in touch with, you can also connect with our proficient technicians through toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support number – ☎+1-800-796-0471 or visit our website Accountsportal.co.