Steps for QuickBooks MAC Error Troubleshooting

The MAC QuickBooks users might face a certain problem when trying to create a backup of their company file or while adding a multi-user environment to the QuickBooks software. Let us look at some of the troubleshooting steps for both the problems and determine how to resolve this error successfully.

QuickBooks Mac Error when creating a backup:

The error occurs when creating a backup of company files in QuickBooks for MAC, 2013 and 2014 versions. Here are some of the steps that can help in rebuilding data and thereby resolving the issue:

  • Open QuickBooks in MAC and click on file and Utility and
  • Select Verify Data. Now, if the data that is verified detects the error, then, click on Hard Drive < USERS <LIBRARY <LOGS <QUICKBOOKS.LOG

Now, here too, if the QuickBooks.log detects the error, then it is best to call a QuickBooks Technical Support expert to tackle the issue. You can also repair the error manually by rebuilding utility.

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Rebuilding Data utility:

  • Click on the File menu and Utilities
  • Browse to find Rebuild Data and click on it. When the rebuild data completes, click on Verify utility to check for the error.

In case both do not work, there may be some other additional error present in the system. Call the technical support for assistance. Alternatively, you can click on Rebuild utility multiple times before β€˜No error’ sign appears on the Verify utility page.

When after rebuilding utility a multiple times, you are able to verify data, you can create the necessary backup successfully. However, in case the problem persists, it might require an expert assistance to tackle it.

Multi-User issues in MAC for QuickBooks – Trouble-shooting steps:

A multi-user environment in QuickBooks experiences errors at times when files are being shared between the multiple users. The below mentioned are some troubleshooting steps, depending upon the issue present in hand.

Resolution – 1 Check if QB server is running and the Company file is in Sharing mode

  • To check if QuickBooks server is running, click on Go and Applications
  • Now, double-click on app tab and,
  • Check if the file is shared or not. If the file is not shared, click on Start Sharing
  • However, if the file is not listed at all, click on Select and click + to add the file for sharing

Also, before proceeding, make sure that the company file is present in the computer which has the QuickBooks installed as a Host.

Resolution – 2:

  • To check the Firewall settings in MAC, Click on Apple menu and click on System Performance
  • Now, go to Security & Privacy and Firewall
  • Here, select the Firewall options and Unlock it, if it is locked.
  • Check if the QuickBooks server app is set to β€˜Allow Incoming Connections’
  • If not, click on it to allow connections

Resolution – 3

  • To Check if sharing permissions are set correctly, click on Apple and System Preferences
  • Click Sharing and File Sharing
  • Now, add the folder which contains the company file, by clicking on Shared Folder and + under the shared column and Add
  • Also, do not forget to click on Read and Write for Everyone under the user’s column permission settings

Resolution – 4

  • To check if the network configurations are correct and proper, Unplug the Ethernet cable or the airport and
  • Restart the system
  • Now, open the QuickBooks software and try to enable multi-user mode

Resolution – 5

  • To check if the Bonjour service is working on all shared computer, click on File < New Finder Window
  • Now, check if other computers that are shared and within the network can be seen in the Shared Only those computers which appear in this section are attached to multi-user network and are accessible to all files.
  • Also check if the port 56565 TCP, 5297 TCP, 5298 TCP/UDP, 5353 UDP is open.

If, after all these resolutions, a system in the network is not able to view the files or the multi-user environment is not able to share company files stored in the host computer, call for assistance on the Accountsportal toll-free number βœ†+1-800-796-0471. The QuickBooks help desk experts at Accountsportal QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support are available 24/7 for assistance on anything regarding QuickBooks for MAC and other related products.

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