How to Set up Employee User Access in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

Sage 50 Quantum accounting is a high geared ideal accounting software used in the organizations for the management purpose. It has a multi-user functionality and is feasible as it has a very low maintenance cost. It is fully fledged with the features like Financial Management, Business Intelligence Reporting, Customer Management, Vendor Management, Jobs Management, Workflow Management, Inventory Management, Multi-User Management Security etc.

Now talking about the user’s access, we can set up employee’s user access in Sage 50 according to our need like if we do not want to give permission to a user to view all product-related messages, so for this we can disable the access for that particular user. In Sage 50, you can enable a user’s access for Full Accounting Rights, Security Roles for Accounting Users, Time Slip Entry Only etc.

With the help of the security access one can manage the following things:

  •   Unauthorized usage of certain parts of the program.
  •   Prevent modification of reports by a particular user.
  •   Recognize the transaction was created by whom.
  •   Which user can view the banking information.
  •   Edit the existing roles and many more.

How to Set up User Access rights

To set up employee access right in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting follow the given steps:

  •   Firstly Open the Sage 50 software.
  •   Then click on the New user button, once you click on the new user button User Rights window appears.
  •   After that enter a user name and password in the given fields.
  •   Next Select the access level for the employee like the Selected access, Full access or none.
  •   Note: If you select the full access then you will be returned back to the user’s window and the information regarding your access level will be updated to the grid that is in the centre of the window.
  •   When you select the Selected Access level then a Selected Access window appears.
  •   After that select the area of the Sage 50 program for which you want to set the access level.
  •   Let’s take an example of setting the Customer and sales area in this you can again choose the access like full access, selected access and none for a user from the drop-down list.
  •   Further inside the Customer and sales area if you want to grant access or deny access for Sales Invoices you can do it by selecting the level of permissions.
  •   Once you are done with it click on the ok button to save the changes and return back to the Sage 50 User Security window.

So this is how you can set the access level for the employee. Also, you can view the access rights of users by simply selecting the user in the grid at the centre of the User List and clicking on the view users right button.

For further information and query related to setting up employee user access in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting or any Sage 50 software related issues feel free to contact out Sage Technical support Team.

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