Set up a clearing account in QuickBooks Desktop

Set Up A Clearing Account

QuickBooks is the fast-growing online software that makes your business accounting faster. It is very easy to set up a clearing and handle your all business accounting at any time anywhere.

A clearing account is basically used to transfer the money from one account to another account when you are not able to transfer the money directly. This clearing account is also-known-as a barter or washes account. These are some common ways which prefer for a clearing account when you have multiple users for the account and you want to make one for each:

Managing all Customers and AR

  • It is easy to handle all accrual basis bad debts and move towards from credit memo one job to another under the same customer.
  • Transfer money from one AR account to another and assign the above expenses to customers by using a zero check.
  • Save one check as a recorded file that pays invoices to two customers.

Managing all vendors and AP

  • When you move from one AP account to another, save a refund check from the vendor.
  • Move a bill or bill credit from one vendor to another vendor.


  • Without converting, you can transfer your current country currencies into home currency.
  • Save all barter transactions who are a customer or vendor of a company.

To set up clearing accounts, you must follow these steps:

  • Go to the lists menu, choose the chart of accountants.
  • Then, click on the chart of accountants and click on New account.
  • In the open window, go with the BANK radio icon.
  • After that, click on continue and go through the open account name field window, enter the clearing account.
  • After that, click on save & close, do not enter an opening balance.

How to use a clearing account?

  • Make a journal entry.
  • You need to add AR or AP when you transferring money from one account to another.
  • After that, add the clearing accounts and make a second journal entry.
  • Again, create a second journal entry and add clearing accounts.
  • In addition to AR or AP accounts for moving money from one account to another.
  • Link with journal entries together to pay bills or receive payments.

Customer service

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