Sage Pay 5080 Error

“Sage” it’s a name that is known by its users and it’s going popular day by day. With Sage, there are some common problems and one of the common Sagepay error codes is 5080 which gives the error messages and transaction fails. This error shows that the problem with the encryption or format of the post has occurred. It can be due to many internal errors or due to loss of the password.

The main cause of this problem either due to encryption of format or post has been occurred or internal errors of system or software or due to password lost.
Another cause is when a user attempts to register form transactions this time also error code 5080 occurs.

The outcome of SagePay error 5080

Once this error comes it gives bad results, However, the below results are the most common which user faces.

  1. System Lag: Because of System issue users can face system lagging which can slow the performance of the system and software.
  2. Registration: Proceedings of work can be hampered without form transaction registration.

Solutions of SgePay Error 5080

Encryption of password

  1. Make sure that the encryption password you are using is correct. If the encryption is mistakenly entered wrongly your encryption is wrong it cause error 5080.
  2. You can get the encryption password by logging into the “My SagePay admin panel” as the administrator user. If this is right you can check the encryption method.

As it is mentioned this is a common error when performing the transaction. Make sure to take a backup of the files before proceeding towards the solution.

Below are the steps which are the solution for error 5080.

  1. Log into the Sage pay account.
  2. Once you are logged in go to the transaction tab.
  3. Choose the invalid subsystem from the given options on the left side of the screen.
  4. Any invalid transaction should be mention with an explanation and additional Sage pay error code.
  5. Sometimes transactions do not display on the screen.

How to Contact AccountsPortal Experts?

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