Sage – Failed to Switch Terminal Server to Install Mode

Sage 50 software, developed and sold by the Sage Group in the United States, is a subscription-based book-keeping solution predominately used by small-to-medium industries (SMBs). This business management software includes a range of 50 solutions to enable an organization efficiently manage its accounting, payroll, sales, and other HR related computations across various verticals. According to a number of research studies conducted by leading firms, Sage 50 is one of the most prevalent accounting software used by all walk of organizations.

Sage 50 U.S. edition 2019 is a user-friendly software, which can seamlessly help users to manage their day-to-day operations, finances, inventories, bill payments, and customer invoices. The solution, previously known as Peachtree Accounting/ Sage 50 U.S. Accounting data format, can be accessed from the desktop via a cloud computing platform. It also has advanced tools with module-level data security. Besides, this premium accounting solution has a range of products that can be easily combined with one another thereby enabling businesses to create customized solution meeting their unique requirements.

Even though Sage is a unique and unparalleled software which enables users to streamline their workflow in the easiest possible ways, it runs into common errors during installation or upgrades, such as Sage 50 data service unavailable, Sage 50 upgrade error, Sage daceasy 2015, Sage Server Busy Error, etc. In order to resolve these errors, you may either follow some of the solutions as recommended by the Sage 50 experts or alternatively reach out to our Sage technical support team for a quick help by directly calling their customer support staff at their toll-free number +1-800-796-0471. It is highly recommended to an organization to partner with a well-known and established third-party service provider offering prompt and reliable support for your technical issues via sage 50 support chat, email, or call.

If you come across – Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode – in the Sage 50 US Edition which restrains you to install the software, you may get below error message:

Failed to switch Sage Terminal Server into the INSTALLATION mode

Some of the common sources of this error could be:

  • If you are trying to access the software from a remote Desktop, your Window may not be able to recognize the autorun function; or
  • If your Sage Terminal Services is unable to recognize the autorun function

How to Resolve “Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode” Error

If users choose to resolve this error by themselves, they may follow below solutions:

Solution I: Direct installation from the download link

For this, you may start your laptop and click on “My Computer” -> Open the Sage folder and click a peachw folder

Next, click install option -> Run as Administrator –> click setup.exe file

Solution II: Install files into a Temp folder

A user may alternatively opt for installation Sage filed in their Temp folder by following below steps:
• Press Windows + “R” key from your keyboard -> search in the dialog boar with %temp% -> click Ok
• Next, look for “peach” in “RarSFX0 folder” -> set-up and install setup.exe file -> work as the Administrator

Solution III: Follow Program Path

A user may need to search the Program Path and look for the correct data/program path and follow appropriate instructions, as below:

In the Program Path, browse for “PeactreeInstaller20XX” folder -> click “peachw” folder -> install the folder in your system -> Right click “setup.exe” and run the system as the administrator

P.S.: However, a user may only be able to browse for this folder if there is a network install on the server.

Solution IV: Downloading new Sage 50 20XX copy

In order to download a new copy of the Sage 50 20XX, a user may follow the link as provided in the Additional Information section. You may be directed to extract the installed files in your C drive, path link: C:\Sage\Sage50_20XX_X. Subsequently, install peachw and right-click setup.exe and run the system as the administrator.

Thus, a user may follow the above solution, as recommended by the experts to rectify the problem. The above step-by-step guide to resolving Sage 50 Error is considered as handy for timely rectifying errors without disrupting your normal work. However, if the problem is not resolved, you may direct chat or call our experts.

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