Repair Sage Error Code 20005 Instantly

Sage 50 accounting software stands out among diverse accounting solutions available. Due to its robust features to simplify the accounting process, Sage 50 has taken over the market. With Sage 50, you can create multi-forms and also classify them. Once the data is recorded, you can evaluate it using various reporting tools provided. These highly customized tools offer a visual representation of data. So, you won’t be troubled while creating wide-financial strategies for your business. Dial Sage 50 Technical Support number and get best solutions for Sage Error 20005.

However, you may encounter errors while using Sage 50. You don’t have to worry about it, as these errors can be resolved by taking certain precautionary measures. This article will particularly discuss Sage Error 20005. Several reasons and resolutions for this error are provided in this article. So, kindly spare some moment to read the article for your best interest.

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Sage Error 20005 is associated with payments processes in the accounting software. Error 20005 occurs, when a third party payment service is used, and the request made or card is rejected. The error basically corresponds to three figure error codes which may be used for reference purpose with the company processing the credit card.

Reasons why Sage Error 20005 occurs:

  • If the credit card details are incorrect
  • If the credit card details are invalid
  • If the credit card is blocked or expired
  • If the card reader is damaged
  • Issue while connecting

Resolution for Sage Error Code 20005

If the payment request is rejected while processing, you have to check Windows firewall is configured correctly and also check other security software, rather than configuring Sage 50.

To configure the security software properly, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows using an administrator account
  2. Now open the Control Paneland click on Windows Firewall
  3. Select Change Firewall Settings
  4. Click on Disable Firewallonly if necessary
  5. Disable all other security software on the system

Once you effectively executed these steps, you can try to process the request again and see whether the error is solved and continue with the following steps.

Important note: Disabling the Windows Firewall isn’t a preference because it makes the system defense-less from hacker attacks. So, it is important to make exceptions for the payment ports. Hence, configure the advanced firewall settings and make some stable rules.

To create Windows Firewall rules follow the instruction below:

  1. Open Search menu and look for Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Settings
  2. Press on the inbound rules and type in the port and give the mane and description for the rule
  3. Save the created Rule
  4. Repeat the process again to make an Outbound. It is important to create both outbound and inbound rules as these will direct the outgoing and incoming request form the system.

Once you successfully complete these steps you can process any amount of transactions with ease.

However, even after following the steps if Sage error 20005 still occurs, then you contact our Technical Support Team. Call us on ✆+1-800-796-0471 or mail us. You can also reach us via Sage 50 Chat Support available on our website.