Dealing with Sage 50 Error Code 1628 without Getting Stressed

Sage is well-established and user-friendly accounting software that can sometimes show an error at the time of installation called Sage 50 Error Code 1628. It causes operational hurdles in systems where the error shows up but Sage has prepared well for such an eventuality by ensuring a built-in resolution for the problem. This installation error happens on the Sage 50 software, which is the upgraded version of the software called Peachtree that Sage had developed earlier. This error specifically happens on Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) on versions ME, 2000, XP and Vista 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 respectively.

Causes of Sage 50 Error Code 1628

When the error occurs, the affected system will either hang or simply stop for a little while. It’s an installation error that usually happens during runtime when the installation of Sage 50 is not complete. There are other reasons as well for the error to appear:

  • Problems with Windows registry, that can get corrupted while installing or uninstalling software related to Sage
  • .Net Framework could be either corrupt or out of date
  • Sage software not installed completely or the setup file is corrupt
  • Windows or Sage file damaged by virus or malware
  • A Sage file deleted from the system by accident
  • The Sage software was partially downloaded or alternately an update of the product was downloaded instead of the software

How can you troubleshoot Sage 50 Error Code 1628?

Troubleshooting the error can take place in many ways but in order to do it in the most secure way, it is preferable to uninstall the program related to the sage error 1628 and then reinstall a fresh version. It’s better to clean up the path so that there are no issues with reinstalling the program. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Scan the entire system for virus and/or malware and remove them if these are present in the system
  • All the junk and/or temporary files and folders should be deleted from the system
  • The device drivers of the system will need to be updated
  • Recent changes in the system will have to be reversed (Undone)
  • Check all Windows files by running the file checker and ensure that system updates are installed
  • Open the Control Panel and choose Programs and go to ‘Programs’ and ‘Features’
  • Find the program related to the error in the Name column
  • There is an entry – Sage 50 Accounting software; click on it
  • The Uninstall button will be visible; just follow instructions to uninstall the program related to the error
    Next, the re-installation process would have to be completed and for that, the following steps should be followed:
  • Insert the CD into the computer to install the .Net 32 or 64 files and follow it up by installing the install.exe file
  • Complete the repair of the Windows registry entries connected to the error in the system

Windows registry is critical

Issues with uninstalling Sage 50 HR may come up and thereafter, trying to reinstall the software becomes problematic as it picks up the current Sage 50 HR key in the registry. That’s when the message to ‘Repair’ or ‘Remove’ the old installation appears. The way to overcome this obstacle is to make the amendment to the registry key before proceeding to install the program once again. Incorrect use of Registry Editor could result in more serious issues with the system and may affect the Windows OS. This will mean reinstallation of OS to rectify the problem. In such a situation Sage won’t function as the problem relates to the use of Registry Editor which is beyond its scope.

If the user wants to know the advanced steps or understand the above steps, get in touch with our Sage 50 Technical Support team on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471. The Sage tech support team experts can guide you step by step and offer you detailed resolutions for resolving any Sage error. Our Sage customer support team is working 24*7.

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