Sage 50C Accounting – What’s New in Sage 50C

The following new features have been added to Sage 50c:

  • Sage Bank Feed Auto-Reconciliation
  • Sage Dashboard Microsoft Office 365 App
  • Cloud and Mobile Navigation Center
  • Improvements to Sage Contact

Sage Bank Feeds

It’s an online bank account feed which helps users streamline the reconciliation of user’s bank and credit card accounts.

Reconciliation saves the time taken in data entry and ensures that the transactions entered in Sage 50c are updated and are in sync with the transactions processed by the bank.

Sage Bank Feeds is available in the ‘Account Reconciliation’ window. Users can connect to the bank feeds by simply clicking the ‘Bank Feeds’ toolbar button and going through the setup process.

This involves selecting the user’s bank, logging into the bank and choosing a start date for the bank feed. Users can retrieve bank records of up to 2 years. Next, click ‘Finish’ for Sage 50 to download the bank feeds to the ‘Account Reconciliation’ window and matching them with user’s Sage 50 transactions via an auto-clearing process.

Next, users must enter the ‘Statement Ending Balance’, assign a ‘GL account’ to downloaded interest income and service charges, if any and ensure that the bank records and Sage 50 transactions are matched.

Sage Dashboard

It’s a new Sage 50c app integrated with MS Office 365. It lets users view Aged Receivables, ‘Aged Payables’, and ‘Revenue-Expense Information’ in Office 365.

The app is available anywhere that has internet access. It shows crucial ageing and revenue-expense information via interactive graphs and charts. It is updated automatically when Sage 50c is synchronized with Office 365.

Receivables information includes ‘Overdue Sales by Period’ bar chart and a pie chart of ‘Accounts over 90 days overdue’.

The bar chart shows the age of receivables totals for the past 12 months. Selecting a bar shows the overall ageing total for a month.

The pie chart provides detailed overdue sales information for each ageing category for the present month. Each slice of the pie chart represents a customer account.

At the bottom of the ‘Receivables’ tab, overdue invoices for customer accounts are listed. Selecting a customer on the list shows more detailed information about the customer.

The ‘Payables’ tab lets users analyze purchasing history with the same pie chart and graph format.

The ‘Revenue and Expenses’ tab shows the income and expense information of the last 12 months. At the bottom of the tab, the ‘Profit and Loss’ tab shows y-t-d net income, revenue, and expenses.

Cloud & Mobile Navigation Center

The Cloud & Mobile Navigation Center provide access points for frequently-used cloud and mobile-ready features.

Sage 50c integrates with MS Office 365, providing features such as cloud backup, vendor and customer contact synchronization with Outlook, Sage Dashboard etc. The Cloud & Mobile Navigation Center lets Office 365 users manage and access these features.

Save Drive lets users share company data securely in the cloud. The Sage 50c integration with Sage One enables mobile invoice functionality. This section of the navigation centre lets users easily connect Sage 50c with Sage One. Once connected, users can upload company and inventory lists, download mobile invoices and payments, and access the Sage One company on the web directly.

Sage Contact Improvements

‘Sage Contact’ integrates with Office 365 and provides detailed information about Sage 50c customer and vendor contacts in the Office 365 Mail app and desktop version of Outlook.

Recent updates to ‘Sage Contact’ include a ‘Comms’ tab and an updated ‘Notes’ tab. The ‘Comms’ tab shows recent Outlook interactions that users had with the customer/vendor.

The ‘Notes’ tab lets users record notes for contact and lets users share information with other users of ‘Sage Contact’. Shared notes allow effective collaboration with the team. This keeps users updated with the latest communication with contact and avoids duplication of work.

But notes aren’t synchronized with Sage 50c data and are only available in Outlook.

For further information/help in using the new Sage 50c, please call the Sage 50 Technical Support Team at this toll-free number ☎+1-855-355-0553.

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