Sage 50 Quantum 2019 w Traditional BC Plan

Sage 50 Quantum 2019 w Traditional BC Plan

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Money Management

Sage 50 Quantum Accounting is specifically set with such tools and features to form a compliance with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). It has various tools and features that help the user in maintaining complete accuracy in the process without compromising with the security protocol. Its reporting and analysis tool is so strong that it very significantly helps you in future forecasting with great innovation and ideas.

Manage your Cash Flow

  • Use Microsoft Excel to export Cashflow predictions and keep a check on the analytical result to see the impact of cash flow.
  • It was a very convenient way of analyzing and forecasting the cash flow so that you can promptly meet financial obligations.

Budgets and Reports (Multi-Year Mode)

  • It is now easy to differentiate between your budgets and available finances across different years.
  • Check activities of previous years and be confident in making precise forecasting to improve trends.

Customized Dashboards

  • It is very good to have customized navigation panel so that you don’t have to run through menus or different screens.
  • It has well-defined keys that provide you real-time access and information at the same time.
  • You can have a customizable screen that will show you only those things that you make use of on regular basis. Your payable, receivables and payrolls.
  • You can also track the least and most profitable customers paid bills and bills due to them.

Business Management

It has very efficient optimization tools that help you in keeping a check on accounts in the business process, time, task and project. You can even attain sustainability and improve profits to achieve a better position in business. If inventory comes in your business, it is the best to have it as it has the best inventory management tool.

Track Inventory and Keep Check on Replenishment

  • Define User Attribute or Trend and based on the size, shape, color, other important features and define the inventory accordingly.
  • Make the information on Sales and Purchase handy by reserving the inventory.
  • Make use of purchase order for inventory replenishment when it reaches dedicated level. Now, creating a purchase order with the help of sales order and invoices has also been made easy with this.

Multiple and Inventory Costing Methods

  • It is easy to customize the price level for an item up to 10 numbers. You can even update prices by specifying the amount of percentage and dollar.
  • Pick up the item and apply price changes within the inventory. Along with this, you can make entire increase and decrease in prices in inventory. It also provides price round-off
  • It is also easy to select between LIFO, FIFO and Particular Inventory Unit.

Additional Inventory/Vendor Management features & benefits:

  • Track and Cost Item in a particular serial
  • Track Warranty of the item and Items discontinued
  • On the spot Purchase Flexibility
  • Track History
  • Set Additional Attributes and Store Them
  • Track items/sub-items and master stock
  • Work Ticket Tracking

Job tracking

This feature along with the Project Management Center gives you an insight into the attributes of the job. It simplifies job scenarios right from start to finish.

  • Its intuitive dashboard gives you access to the tasks that you use regularly.
  • Track projects at different codes and levels: Jobs/Phases/Costs.
  • Use alphanumeric characters: up to 20 to format cost codes and Job ID.
  • Form user-defined phases and codes categories and track them
  • Differentiate between estimated and actual dates
  • It has a stop light indicator that defines job status with no restriction.
  • Easy to make Job notes and attach docs.
  • You can also keep a keen eye on changes in orders (if any) and approvals to ensure profit in the job.

Flexible Billing Schemes and Job Costing:

  • Use Job, Cost code (by quarter, month, year), phases to track revenue and total expenses.
  • You can easily differentiate between actual and dedicated job costs/revenue to ensure profit in the project.
  • Progress Billing on completion or for a contractor in terms of percentage.

With JOB REPORTING, you can create a report on the go via importing it into Excel, Email or PDF. You can customize job reports according to your needs like profit, job ledger, retainage and work in progress.

The Sage 50 Quantum Accounting Order process workflow gives real-time information purchase and sales process so that anyone who is given access can track order attributes like due time, handling in real time.

  • You can easily check or manage movable parts of order process to avoid part being missed and to check if everything is intact or not.
  • You can easily notify the person next in queue about the status and general notes as per requirements.
  • It has a centralized system. Now, you don’t have to rush different windows to track different processor It has it all in one place.
  • It automatically sends notification of completion of the task to dedicated customers, employees and vendors.

Easy to Manage Customers and Employees

It is very important to have your employees and customers in touch with you all the time for the business. You can nurture that relationship with such significant people using Sage 50 Quantum. What if it provides you with proper management of your finances as well as communication front? It is great that with this software, you can easily manage payroll, invoices, security, email marketing and invoices in just a few clicks.

You can easily synchronize, organize and automate client business with very fewer customer services and marketing cost.

Customer Management Center

It provides information of customer over a customized dashboard that gives you the detail of invoices, quotes, receipts, balances (in due time), tickets, services and items sold etc.

In business, it is very important that you save time but if you go through the customer’s detail, it will consume time. Sage Customer Management Center is the solution to save the time. You can, very frequently, check ID, Phone Number and other vital information which is made available by the customer.

You can also export such information to PDF or MS Excel and send Email with this feature.

Point to be noted: You can add, per customer, 1 billing address and at most of 20 addresses whereas its synchronization with outlook takes place for only two contacts.

However, the performance also does not get impacted if you open more than one company.

You need to have Internet access. You need to have a license if under Sage Act 2009, 2010 or 2011

Payroll Management

Employees itself denotes a good demographic information that’s why it becomes important to save all vital information related to employees like data hiring, emergency info and performance reviews etc.

  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting helps you manage your Payroll Service so that you can select between your payroll services like direct deposit, e-filing, tax forms and even outsourced payroll.
  • You can keep a check on employees’ deductions as well as benefits that directly benefits your company’s requirements
  • You can keep a check on time of employees for better payroll and job transparency.
  • You can set up automatic email settings for upcoming important dates like increments, performance review, verification and birthdays.

An important point to be noted:

You require internet access, additional fees, and a credit card to serve the purpose.

Multi-user Management and Security Management

Security is one of the concerns of the users. It ensures the security of your valuable data that lets you have control and access over important features and data.

Role-based security

It gives you control at different levels of software. Various fields the administrator can choose to give certain options like Edit, Add, No-Access and View-Only. The Administrator can also block access to such navigation screens

Multi-User Management

  • Optimization of Database
  • A Log-out notification can also be sent to other users. If it is necessary, you need to log-out manually.

Performance and speed SmartPosting know as Windows service that helps you keep check on the independent transaction at the client’s computer. You can conveniently add or save transactions and you don’t have to wait for the process to be finished thus helps you in saving time. In addition to this, you get alerts on problems or issues if any occurs in your system as it continues to run in the background all the time.

You can have set schedule for automatic backup of your company that you can make it run during offs or non-business hours.

It is undoubtedly a fast, efficient and very secure system to take backup of all significant financial information like spreadsheets, priority documents and emails. Now, give an automatic schedule to your backup and access your data via the internet at any point of time from any computer.

What are the Minimum Software’s Requirements?

  1. Processor: 2 GHz (Single and Multi-user Mode)
  2. RAM: 2 GB (Single and Multi-user Mode)
  3. Operating System Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10 with minimum 1 GB Disk Space for installation. For multi-user mode: 2 GB disk space.
  4. Compatibility: MS Outlook, Excel, Adobe Reader 11.0

To get into complete detail:

Call us on our Toll-Free Number ✆+1-800-796-0471 connect with us via Sage 50 Chat Support or drop a mail on our official Email Address: and we will get back to you with a handful of information you need regarding the software. You can also contact us if you face any issue with the software.