Error: Sage 50 Premium 2015 Not Able to Open Company Files

If Users of Sage 50 Premium 2015 are not able to open company files, this article will be helpful. Sage 50 Premium provides security of modules and automatically checks to account, thus maintaining data integrity. It allows users to keep track of cash flow for current and future payments manage inventory and keep control of job revenue and expenses at the levels of phase and cost code.

In Sage 50 Premium, the following problems might occur while opening the company file:

  • ‘Error loading current company file’ might be displayed
  • Error: ‘Sage 50 has stopped working’ might be seen
  • Users might be unable to open the program/company
  • Company isn’t available after the server is updated
  • The data is missing post conversion

IMPORTANT: Users must back up data before proceeding with the solutions mentioned below. To take these steps, users must have good knowledge of database engines and application databases. Users must back up all system and application databases needed for a complete restoration before any changes are made.


  • An invalid company is attempting to open without any prompt
  • The same release or build is not present on all computers in the network
  • The service release has only been installed on some computers
  • The workstation is started before the update has been installed
  • The backup is restored on a system whose release/build is different from the system that created the backup


1: Update has been installed on server, but not on the workstation, or company updated in a different system

  • First, Sage 50 must be closed and then users must double-click on the ‘Updates’ folder that’s in the data path.
  • Next, they must right-click on the current ‘Program update’.
  • If the update file is missing, users must download the update manually.
  • If the update can’t be found online, users must go to Part 2 of the solution and when the sample company is opened, they must go to ‘Services’-> ‘Check for Updates’ for downloading the current updates.
  • Then, users must follow the steps mentioned on the screen for installing the update. After update completion, the computer must be restarted. Once it restarts, users must open Sage and go to ‘Help’ to check that the update has been installed.

2: Opening the Splash Screen forcefully

  • After right-clicking on the Sage icon, users must choose ‘Properties’ Then the ‘Target’ line must be highlighted, and the users must copy it.
  • The ‘Properties’ must be closed, and users must press Windows + R to open ‘Run’ and paste the shortcut target in the ‘Run’ box.
  • Then users must type ‘ABC’ at the end of the line after including a space. Example: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\Sage 50\Peachw.exe’ ABC.
  • Once this is done, users must select OK and the splash screen will be opened by Sage.
  • When the splash screen opens, users must check that the correct company is being opened.
  • I order to stop Sage from opening the company that was last used, users, must go to ‘Options’ and uncheck the ‘Start With Last Opened Company’ option.
  • If the error occurs again despite opening the correct company, users must go to ‘Services’ and look for updates for downloading and then installing the current service release.
  • If the error occurs again, users must go to part 3 of the solution.

3: Restore a bad backup

A new backup must be created and restored, or a different backup must be used.

4: Data files in company data folder are damaged

Users must refer to resources on creating a clean data folder and expendable file cleanup. After taking the steps for completing the process, they must check that the company file can be opened properly.

For any further query, users must call our Sage 50 Technical Support Team by dialing the toll-free helpline number ✆+1-800-796-0471. The Sage 50 Error personnel are available round the clock.