Sage 50 Payroll Windows Installer Error : Guide & Support

The installation of Sage 50 Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts might sometimes fail due to problems with the computer or the network environment.

For specific error messages, users should search for the error in ‘Ask Sage’.

Solutions For Sage 50 Payroll Window Installer Error

Step 1: Check if the computer is compatible with installing Sage Accounts

Users must first ensure that the computer has the recommended system requirements and then install the latest Windows updates. Then, users must restart the computer and log in as administrator.

Step 2: Launching installation from ‘Install’ folder

These steps are based on the assumption that the users recently attempted to install Sage 50 Accounts v24 via a download. Contact our QuickBooks experts to know more.

Step 3: Deleting contents of the temporary folder

Users must press Windows + R, type in ‘%temp%’ in the ‘Run’ window, and then select OK. Next, users must hold down Ctrl + A for selecting all files and folders. Next, press ‘Delete’ for deleting the files and select ‘Yes’. Now, users must try installing the software again.

Step 4: Ending all Sage-related processes

Users must hold down Ctrl + Shift and then select Esc key for opening the Windows Task Manager. Next, they must select the ‘Processes’ tab and if any of the processes mentioned exist, users must select them and then choose ‘End Task’ or ‘End Process’. Contact our Sage experts to know more.

If the error occurs again, users must take the advanced steps mentioned below.

1: Renaming ‘InstallShield’ folder

NOTE: This step is applicable to version 22 and earlier. For later versions, users must go to the subsequent step.

Users must browse to the ‘InstallShield’ folder in Windows and rename it ‘InstallShield_OLD’.

For 32-bit OS—C:\Program Files\Common Files

For 64-bit OS—C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

NOTE: The ‘InstallShield’ folder must only be renamed while installing software, and not while reinstalling.

Next, users must try to install the software.

2: Running anti-virus scan and disabling anti-virus temporarily

  • If users are unable to run an anti-virus scan, they must contact It support.
  • If the scan doesn’t detect any problems, disable anti-virus temporarily and reinstall the software.

3: Registering msiexec.exe manually

  • Users must hold down Windows + R, type in ‘msiexec.exe/regserver’ and select OK.
  • A message will appear if the file couldn’t be registered, and users should contact an It expert.
  • If the file was registered, no message appears, and users must try to install the software.

For any other information/further assistance, users should call our Sage 50 Technical Support Team at this toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471 for expert guidance on the matter.