Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

Sage 50 book-keeping and accounting software possess all features to keep any small and medium-sized business organized and hassle-free. With its ability to perform several operations at a time, and also the availability of tools to make it easier and simpler, Sage 50 takes many takes in the market. The Sage 50 network installation manager tool is available in the software to help install the software on a multiple-computer network, as it is usually applicable for small and medium-sized businesses.

What are the functions of Sage 50 Network Installation Manager?

The installation manager aids in installing the software, first on the primary computer, which is used to store all company data files, and then to the network, through which other computers can access it. It requires one to install Sage 50 on each of the workstations which will be linked to the computer network.

To install:

  • Insert the software CD purchased on the drive, and click OPEN
  • Select and Click on ‘Sage 50. exe file, and click on ‘INSTALL’
  • Now, study the ‘LICENSE AGREEMENT’ before confirming acceptance of it.
  • After reading, click ‘YES’ to continue.
  • Sage 50 will automatically configure the firewall. The configuration of the firewall can be done manually also.
  • Now, the firewall installed on the computer might send a message asking for permission to let Sage 50 software make changes. Click ‘UNBLOCK or ALLOW’ to configure.
  • A serial number will be sent by the Sage 50 team while you purchase the software. Keep it handy and enter the serial number to activate the software.
  • Click ‘YES’ to run Sage 50 software on the primary computer network window
  • Select the location of the ‘PROGRAM FILES’ and click ‘INSTALL’ to complete the operation.

Any problems or errors faced during installation can be immediately resolved by calling our Sage technical support team. Our Sage helpdesk experts will fix the problem in a jiffy, to ensure you can start working on the software.

How to install Sage 50 on a network, by using Network installation manager?

Once you finish installing Sage 50 software on the primary computer, you will receive a message with an options list on the summary screen. This will ask you to use the Network installation manager to install Sage 50 on the remaining computers. To install in a network:

  • Click the ‘OPTION’ box and tap ‘INSTALL’
  • Sage 50 will be installed in the network server selected. This will automatically create a copy of the installation files on ‘SHARED’ folder, on the server backdrop, which can be accessed by all computers on the network.
  • Now, the ‘INSTALLATION FILES’ will also be added on the network, which can be accessed by each computer, to INSTALL Sage 50. The addition of installation file negates the use of Sage 50 CD each time you need to install the software on a network computer.
  • Now, on each computer in the network, just open the installation file, and click ‘INSTALL’ to aid the installation manager to carry out the relevant steps, without any prompt.
  • Network Installation manager can automatically download, install and upgrade Sage 50 on each computer, depending upon its configuration, as mentioned by server installation. The network manager consists of:
  1. Configuration file’s location
  2. Data path place
  3. Position in which company data folder is stored
  4. Serial number of the Software, as given by email

Support For Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

The network installation manager can effectively cut down the runtime, and can automatically install your software on the network. Any errors or problems can be sorted out by calling our AccountsPortal Sage technical helpdesk team. Our Sage tech support team can help in kick-starting your work on Sage 50 software, by helping you initiate the set-up, without any hassles. Call our Sage 50 technical support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 and get solutions from experts.