Sage 50 Lock Date Features and How to Activate

Sage 50 has come up with another great feature called as the Lock Date feature to provide a proficient accounting management. With Sage 50 Lock Date you can lock down a particular period in order to restrict specified users from making transactions into that particular period.

Lock Date is ideal in order to avoid adding transactions to those accounting periods that is confidential.  This may be because you have finished the accounts to a certain date, produced a set of financial reports in order to examine the financial status of the business and hence you don’t want any changes in the values.

Sage 50 Lock Date Features

Any user having access to Sage 50 Lock Date Features can decide to override the blocked transactions at the time of transaction entry. This feature is also suitable for supervisors or managers.

Check out some the best features that Sage 50 Lock Date offers. The features are highlighted below:

  • Set control rights to access and override the blocked transactions
  • Switch off facility, in case the need to add other transactions on the blocked transactions arises.
  • Identify those transactions that are added during the closed period.
  • Increases in security. Blocks the transaction if it has been posted by a user who doesn’t have an access to the locked period.

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How Lock Date works

After the lock date is set successful. It will automatically take charges over your transactions maintenance. If any user attempts to post transactions dated before the lock date, an error message will be shown.

  • When you log in as manager will have the rights to surpass the warning and then post it
  • Users who have access to lock date are also enabled to surpass the lock date and post it
  • Users without access to lock date won’t be able to post on the locked period. Still, they can create invoices, purchase orders and sales orders with a date prior to the lock date.

Activate Sage 50 Lock Date

Now you are aware of the features and the importance of setting up of Lock Date. Follow the instruction below to activate and set up Lock Date to enjoy the benefits of the same.

I.  To activate Lock Date, perform the steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu and select Lock Date
  • Click on the Lock posting before the checkbox to activate Lock Date
  • Set the period date
  • Press OK

II.  Setting up a lock date

  • Open the Menu bar and Click on Settings > Lock Date.
  • Click on the Lock posting before check box, insert the requisite date, and click on OK.

III.  Set user’s access to lock date

  • Go to Sage Accounts
  • Access the account as Manager.
  • Open the Menu bar and select Settings> Access Rights
  • View the list select the user to permit access to Lock Date and select Edit
  • Enlarge the Settings Menu.
  • To permit the user access, click on the checkbox “Lock date settings”. And uncheck the box to remove access.
  • Select OK > Close.

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