Sage 50 Invoice Error : Infographic

Fix Sage 50 Invoice Error

Errors Messages:Error 2 MAPI E FAILURE,” “Email MAPI error: An error occurs while sending message,” “Sage 50 can’t Communicate with Email Program

Sage Email Generic Communication (Able to send or receive) Error:

Integrating your sage account with email will help you send outlines and reports via email. You can either use outlook or webmail.

Checking Sage Email Set UP

To start recording email, the first thing is you have to setup SAGE 50 Email. Follow these points to do the sage setup.

  • Find and configure email settings to default
  • Now, add email settings to your document.
  • Fix sage email if not working.

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There are certain situations when you try to integrate another email service to send and receive messages but there are certain email names with which your setup will be easy.

  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Yahoo Plus! Mail
  • Windows Live Hotmail

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