What is Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting US Edition?

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is a great tool which is present in the Sage 50 application. It helps you in creating a more reformed report that will provide you very precise up to date information whenever you need. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting is the Microsoft Excel-based reporting application. It gives you real-time data from Sage 50 and other sources of information and helps you in building a customized report. This report will give a complete insight into your business with just a glance.

Sage 50 can be seamlessly integrated with the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting. You will have an advantage if you are working on Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting that you won’t have to manually update the data as this procedure carried out automatically. Though, it makes your work easier there are instances when you may come across certain errors while working on this application like: an error occurred when you have entered, the wrong credentials and the document acknowledged in the Excel Sheet. There is no separate installation required if you want to work on the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting as it is automatically activated from the Sage 50 application.

Some benefits of using the Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting:

  • You can save a lot of time as the task like consolidating, exporting, cutting and pasting in Sage 50 carried out automatically.
  • You can also save a lot of time by customizing your report only once by providing the recent data accordingly.
  • Creating the Excel-based reports seamlessly.
  • Your reports update automatically with the recent data from your Sage 50 software.

Features in Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting

The Sage 50 Intelligent Reporting offers you four important key modules according to your business requirement.

  • Report Viewer: Through the Report Viewer option you can run the previous reports in the real-time whenever you want.
  • Report Manager: It allows you all the function of the Report Viewer along with some additional features like customizing and editing the standard report templates. You can save them for your future reference or create some new reports later on.
  • Financial Report Designer: It enables you to drag and drop option so that you can easily create and control your financial reports that base completely on your Excel knowledge and your industry requirements.
  • Connector: It acts as a bridge and helps you in connecting multiple data source.
  • Standard Report: Along with these customized features for your reports, they also have a module known as the Standard Module. You can view these Standard Reports at any point in time.

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting will help you in understanding your business requirement. If you need assistance in understanding this application or you are facing some trouble in operating this application, then you should reach out to customer service consultancies like Accountsportal.co.

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