Sage 50 Importing Transactions into Accounts and Rectifying Crash after Windows Update

As a Sage user, there are times when you might have faced interruptions such as the Sage – 50 crashes after a Windows updates or will have queries relating to importing transactions into accounts. In this article, we are going to look into two different issues related to Sage 50 accounting software.

Sage 50 Crashing After Windows 10 Update

Are you facing a problem after Windows 10 updates? While it is not a frequent issue, the problem is not uncommon either, and the SAGE support team has been working relentlessly to resolve the issue at their end.  In such cases, the error message that usually appears will read:

‘Sage 50 has stopped working or the Sage 50 accounting has stopped working

Have you encountered this issue after updating Windows 10 released 17th October, 2017?

The error happens when any task is performed after the Windows 10 is updated. One way to rectify this is to run Sage 50 in the compatibility mode available for Windows 8.

  • Open the Sage 50 accounting software by clicking on it
  • Select ‘PROPERTIES’ and ‘COMPATIBILITY’ tabs
  • On the selection options given in COMPATIBILITY TAB, select ‘WINDOWS 8’. (it will appear on the drop-down menu)
  • Now, click ‘OK’ to save changes made and close the window.

Sage 50 accounting software will be ready to launch and work normally as before. In case you have problems reading or sending invoices and reports, set the OUTLOOK messenger also to Sage 50 RUN as an administrator.

There is also a 2018.2 available from Sage 50 team, where this problem of ‘software crashing after Windows 10 update’ is taken care of.

To update:

  • Check for 2018.2 updates for Sage 50 and download it.
  • Read instructions before installing the update.

Once the update is installed, you can remove the compatibility mode for Windows 8 set before, and start working on the software. In case the problem persists, call the Sage tech support to address the issue.

Import transactions into Sage 50 Accounts

Sage software is designed to offer unparalleled ways to lessen the workload and make things easier for the users. Pertaining to this effect, it is possible to IMPORT transactions and other data into the Sage Accounts, instead of trying to manually enter it and waste a few precious minutes doing so!

The only constraint here is that the file needs to be converted to .CSV or excel before importing them. Since importing a file from any other source (other than the software) can be extremely easier, let us look at how to begin importing our essential data into Sage accounts.

When you have prepared the data file in the accepted formats, you can close the file to import them into the accounts.

  • To begin with, Click ‘FILE’ on Menu and select ‘IMPORT’
  • It will prompt you to select the type of data to be imported. Select the TYPE OF DATA and click ‘NEXT’
  • Here again, you need to pick the right ‘FORMAT’ of the data being imported. For instance, whether it is a .xls or .csv file. Select the required option.
  • Now, check the box ‘first row contains headings’ if relevant.
  • Now, click on BROWSE to find the file to be imported and ‘OPEN’
  • In case the file contains multiple files or worksheets, you can pick the correct one from the drop-down menu and click NEXT to import it. This helps in IMPORTING only that data file which is required.
  • Complete the ‘IMPORTED FIELD’ column to link the data imported to the correct fields in Sage 50 accounts.
  • When you have mapped all fields, click NEXT to get a SUMMARY with information about the import. Verify before clicking on IMPORT and FINISH
  • A RECORD IMPORTED window will appear with a list of worksheets imported. Otherwise, an error message will appear if the import is not successful.

In case of error messages or any problems related to the imports, call our Accountsportal Sage tech support team for guidance on ✆+1-800-796-0471. It is advisable to call the experts at Accountsportal helpdesk, if you are trying to import files for the first time, to make it a worthwhile operation!