Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

Sage 50 has gained its reputation as the most utilized accounting software around the globe because it’s excellent features. Some most excellent features include; high-speed invoices management, account cash-flow, inventory, taxes, and a lot more.

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Though incorporated with all these excellent features, users are still faced with some errors while running Sage 50. At times, when Sage 50 is not installed correctly or when essential components are blocked user experiences error known as Sage 50 Error loading company file.”

Causes of Sage 50 Error loading company file

  • If an invalid company try to the open company file automatically.
  • If the build or release in a network is different on every computer.
  • If the service release is installed only on some computers.
  • If the workstation is opened prior to installing an update.
  • Unmatched release or build backup was restored on the computer.

Resolution for Sage 50 Error loading company file

The following steps can be used for file conversions to Sage 50. You have to make sure that all the files are local and the file path is less than 284 characters while converting.

Option 1: Immobilize Antivirus and Real-Time Scanners

  1. Immobilize the
  • If you have set up antivirus/security software more than one, then you have to cut them to one and uninstall the rest.
  • If your system is installed with anti-virus or Microsoft Security Essentials follow the steps:
    • Disable the Real-Time protection.
    • Disable the auto protection.
    • McAfee should have Real-Time scanning as well as the firewall.
  1. Stop the firewall and Real-time Scanning.
  2. Check the Windows Event Viewer logs.
  3. Right-click on the Sage 50 icon
  4. Run as the administrator.
  5. Restart conversion again.
  6. When the conversion is completed, enable the security software again.

Option 2: Check the errorlog.txt file

  1. Open the errorlog.txt file. When you see that there are large blank sections containing odd characters, it means that the file is corrupt and cannot be renewed You have to call the Sage 50 Technical Support for alternative repair
  2. When the errorlog.txt file looks fine, go to the MYSQL and simply folders
  3. Right-click your mouse on the Sage 50 Icon and click on Run as administrator.
  4. Attempt to start the conversion.

Option 3: Check the file attributes

  1. Check whether the company files; SAJ folder and SAI file, have the Read-Only and Hidden attributes
  2. Right-click the files and select Properties
  3. View the Read-Onlyand Hidden attributes and select Apply and then uncheck it and click on Apply once more

Note: these changes should be applied to all SAJ subfolder.

Option 4: Verify Advanced Database Check Log

  1. Go to Windows Explorer
  2. Browse into C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ My Documents\Simply\DbVerifier\Logs
  3. View the newest numbered log file and scroll below.
  4. If a message “tnxtpids’ doesn’t exist” appears in the log,then try the next step.
  5. Open Maintenance in the earlier Sage 50 version and then click on Advanced Database Check

Option 5: Checked and make sure that the SAJ folder does not contain a duplicate file, also verify that it doesn’t contain extra folder or files.

We hope that you are successful in resolving your issue following the above solution. However, if you still require extra options to resolve the error Sage 50 Error loading company file” Call us on ✆+1-800-796-0471 or mail us at You can also contact us via Sage 50 Chat Support available on our website.

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