Sage 50 Error: “43 in [File]” When Opening a Sage Drive Company

Sage Drive service enables the user to store an existing copy of the company database in the cloud. This database can then be accessed using any computer provided it has Sage 50 and internet connection. Sage Drive is incorporated in all Sage 50 versions. The main focus of this feature is to provide facility to business owners to have access to the business data from home and office. And as well provide accountant the ability to enter all accounting information for small business.

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Sage 50 user sometimes encounters the Sage 50 Error: “43 in [File]” when opening a Sage Drive Company.When this error occurs, the user is unable to open and access the company file. Basically, there are three reasons for the cause of this error.

Sage 50 Error: “43 in [File]” when opening a Sage Drive Company, occurs when:

  • The company is required to be re-downloaded
  • The company is required to be re-shared
  • The company is required to be rebased

Resolution Sage 50 Error: “43 in [File]” when opening a Sage Drive Company.

Follow the sections of resolution provided below to fix Sage 50 Error: “43 in [File]” when opening a Sage Drive Company.

Note:  Before you follow the resolution it is important that you use a strong wired connection to access the Sage Drive Company.

Section I: Re-download Sage Drive Company.

  1. Right-click your mouse on the company directory, and click on Cut
  2. Right-click your mouse on the desktop, and then click on Paste
  3. Open Sage 50 and choose File, and click on Download a Sage Drive Company
  4. Log in using your Sage ID
  5. Re-download the company

Section II: Restart the Pervasive

  1. Click on the Windows + Rkeys
  2. Type in msc next press OK.
  3. Right-click your mouse on the Pervasive PSQL V11 Workgroup Engine,and click on Stop
  4. When the Pervasive stopped, right-click again on the Pervasive, and click on Start

Section III: Stop and re-share the Company

  1. Open the computer from where the company was currently accessed.
  2. Create a company’s backup
  3. Click on File>Sage Drive>Stop Sharing>Yes
  4. Then click on File>Sage Drive>Share Company
  5. Log in again, and click on Share Company
  6. Click on Next then Finish.

Section IV: Make an automatic backup for the company and re-share it

  1. Choose File> Open Company and make a note
  2. Double-click your mouse on the Automatic Backup icon
  3. Select Browse next to Company directory, and choose the company noted created in Step 1
  4. Select Browse next to Save Backup and set Desktop as the destination
  5. Click on Save, and type in the File Name in the given box, and select Save
  6. Click on Run Backup
  7. Confirm that the backup is on desktop
  8. Remove the problem company from the data path
  9. Reset the backup as a new company
  10. Delete the problem company from Sage Drive Management Center
  11. Re-share the company to Sage Drive

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