How to Fix Error SAGE 50 DLL File Missing, Not Opening , Not Found Issues

When operating in Sage 50 accounting software, the users might come across an error- the ‘DLL ERROR’- in the software. Although a rare occurrence, the error, when it appears, might cause the users to abandon whatever they were working on, to resolve the issue. The Sage 50 DLL error is a run-time error caused due to various issues and can be resolved with suitable assistance from the Sage technical support team.

If you are a Sage 50 user, here is what you should know about the error and what to do when you encounter it.

Causes of Sage 50 DLL Error:

When opening the Sage 50 program or a file, a message will appear saying ‘The program cannot start because the Sage.DLL is missing. Reinstall the program to fix the problem’.

The DLL error may occur due to one of the possible reasons given below:

  • The pervasive database is not installed properly
  • The windows profile is damaged or corrupted
  • The operating system was not able to start or stop the pervasive when installing
  • Registry Key is damaged
  • The anti-virus or other security software is blocking the registry or the UAC is blocking the registry

Although there may be one or more reasons for the error to appear, it can also be resolved by identifying where or how the problem has occurred. To identify, it is essential to go through the steps one after the other and check at each level if the problem is resolved. You can, alternatively, call our Accountsportal Sage tech support helpdesk number ✆+1-855-355-0553 to take guidance from the experts.

Sage 50 DLL error and resolutions:

The below mentioned are some of the resolutions for Sage 50 DLL error:

Windows was not able to start or stop the Pervasive while installing

  • Click on Windows key and R
  • Now, when the search window opens up, key-in ‘TASKMGR’
  • Click on the process Tab or the Details Tab and
  • Browse and click on exe
  • Now, click on End Process or End Task and confirm it once prompted
  • Now, start installing the Sage 50 to check if the error is rectified. If not, check for the compatibility of the software.

Check for Compatibility

  • Locate exe and right-click on it
  • Now, click on Run as and, clear the tabs Protect My Computer and Data from unauthorized activity
  • Click Ok, and check if you are able to install the software now.

Installation of Pervasive is Faulty

Check for the faulty installation of the pervasive, by:

  • Removing and reinstalling the pervasive manually, and then install the Sage 50 software to check if you are able to install.

Running the set-up file in Compatibility mode

  • Find the Installation files by browsing on the correct location and,
  • Locate the Peachw\install and right-click on exe
  • Go to Properties and click on Compatibility tab,
  • Now, select Run this program in Compatibility mode and
  • Click Apply > OK
  • Once done, check if the installation can be completed without facing the error message.

Windows profile Damage

If you are still not able to install, do the following.

  • Open the system, and log-in as a different administrator, or create a new administrator profile
  • Now, install the Sage 50 software to check if the error occurs.

For Damaged Windows Registry

  • Remove the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine by using the Microsoft Easy Fix Tool
  • Now, once removed, check if you are able to install.

If even after all these steps, you are still unable to install the software, or you are finding it difficult to follow the steps, call for assistance on the Accountsportal Sage technical support number ✆+1-855-355-0553.