Sage 50 Data Corruption: Infographic

Sage 50 Data Corruption

Sage 50 Data Corruption: Error occurs in the database and the data is corrupt.

There are possible causes through which data can be corrupt.

  • Incompatible or damaged computer: Damaged switches, motherboard or corrupt windows registry.
  • Storage media unable to respond to command: DVDs or CDs, tape drives, flash drives, hard disk, USB or your remote cloud storage.
  • Power fluctuations, interruption or surges.
  • Malicious software, Trojan house, ransomware, virus or any other malicious software infected company file or software.
  • The operating system or program bugs affected software.

Ransomware treats the file as the hostage and makes it useless.


  • If you find correct data: There may be the error in writing, transmission, and processing or data storage. Due to which, you need to do some wishful changes in your system.
  • Your need to install antivirus on your computer to check if there is any virus or malicious software such as Trojans, Worms, Virus or any other malicious software needs to corrupt your company file.
  • For corrupt data, unreadable fields, files/tables, inoperative program, and records. You may encounter the error message or unexpected behavior.

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