How to Fix Sage 50 Activation Error?

Are you having trouble activating the Sage 50 software? Even though the automatic window for activation does not start, it does not allow you to activate manually?

If both the automatic and manual activation of Sage 50 software is not starting despite trying out multiple times, then that means the process has hit a snag. The most probable reason is an error which might have caused the issue. Let us look at what it means to the user and how to resolve this through a series of troubleshooting steps.

Error in Activating Sage 50 Software:

The Activation error has occurred in the Sage 50 software when:

  • The online activation starts without any prompt
  • An error is displayed with message ‘Problem in Activating Sage 50’
  • The error message is displayed even when activating with SageReg
  • The Sage 50 program closes without warning when activating

This is an activation error, caused due to the following possible reasons:

  • A damaged data file path
  • Wrong or bad installation of Pervasive Database Manager
  • An anti-virus or firewall blocking the activation
  • Windows system date is incorrect
  • The pervasive Database manager is damaged

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Resolutions Sage 50 Activation Error

Before checking out on the other resolutions, check if there are any anti-virus or other firewall software that is blocking the system from responding to activation. In case you come across such software or even an internet security, it is essential to remove such interruptions or configure the firewall to allow Sage 50 to activate. Consult a Sage technical support expert for further queries and details on this issue.

Resolution – 1

Renaming the clientinfo.xml file-

  • Close the Sage 50 on all systems and browse to locate the Data Path
  • Now, locate the xml file and rename it or move to other location (other than the data path
  • Now, open the Sage 50 software and activate it

Resolution – 2

Check the Data Path Files:

  • Shut-down the Sage 50 software in all systems and browse to locate the Datapath
  • Now, find all the below-mentioned files and either rename or move all the files to another location or a new folder
  • DAT
  • dat
  • dat
  • dat
  • dat
  • dat.bak
  • *.LCK
  • *.PTL
  • xml
  • xml
  • Now, once you have found the files (if they are hidden, find using the hidden files locator option), open the Software and check if the Manually Activate option is activated on the wizard
  • Select the Manual Activation option and follow the instructions provided in the software and by the activation wizard to complete activation.
  • In case you are not able to still activate without an error, try to Install or Uninstall pervasive using the Utility database.

If despite the above resolutions, and also after checking the windows system date, you are not able to activate the Sage 50 software, contact our Sage technical support for assistance. The Sage tech support experts will check further into the problem and help resolve the issue successfully. Call on ✆+1-800-796-0471 to find a permanent solution on this issue.

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