Sage 50 Activation Applications for Activating Sage 50: How To Use

Have you purchased the new Sage 50 software or want to activate it in another system? You can do so, with the help of a special license and download the software online.

Sage 50 is an excellent book-keeping software, helping businesses to grow leaps and bounds in their business. The activation of the Sage 50 software is simple and easy to follow. Let us look at the steps involved in activation of Sage 50 software.

Activation of Sage 50 Software – A tutorial

If you have purchased new Sage 50 software or your license has expired and you have renewed it, you might have to activate the software once again.  Also, at times, a corrupted activation file might also deactivate the software from the system and ask you to reactivate it once again from the source.

For activation of Sage 50, remember that it can only be performed on the system which is hosting the Sage 50 software and also an effective and uninterrupted connection is required for it to be successful.

To activate Sage 50 software:

  • Open the Sage 50 software on the system and click Help
  • When it opens up, browse to locate Sage 50 Activation, Licensing and Subscription and select it.
  • There will be a prompt asking you to choose the mode of selection. For instance, it will ask for whether the activation is to be done online or manually. The preferred and most efficient mode would be by
  • Once you pick the online option, click Ok and proceed with the prompts that appear online.
  • For online activation, once the process is complete, click Ok for saving changes.

When you have successfully activated the software, you can work on it according to your requirements and access all the files. However, in case the online activation fails or there is a message saying’ There was a problem in activating Sage 50’, then you need to logout of the Sage 50 and login again to activate the software manually.

Force Activating Sage 50 Manually:

A hidden file or a corrupted download might interfere with the activation and would have to be forcefully restarted again. In such instances, follow the below steps to activate Sage 50.

  • Check if all the Sage 50 users have logged out of the software except the host system
  • Now, browse to find the ‘Data’ on the data path and rename the below files by adding ‘. OLD’ on the extension:
  • DAT
  • DAT. BAK
  • xml
  • dat
  • xml
  • xml
  • Any*. LCK files
  • Any*. PTL files
  • Once you have done it, open the Sage software and try to proceed with the Activation steps mentioned above, to activate Online.
  • Go to Help >About Sage 50 Accounting to check if the software is activated. If not, try to activate the software manually.

If the Online activation fails, you can activate the software manually by:

  • Open Sage software and select Help Sage Activation, Licensing and subscription
  • Now, when it asks for option, click on Manual mode of activation and Ok
  • Click on ‘I need to start the process from beginning’ and follow the instructions to complete the process
  • When complete, check if the activation is successful.

The Sage 50 software can be activated with the required company and other information. However, in case the manual activation also fails, then the problem may be due to some other reason. Contact the Sage technical support expert from Accountsportal on our Sage helpdesk number ✆+1-800-796-0471 for assistance on this issue. The Sage helpdesk operates round the clock for guidance regarding the Sage software.