Sage 50 Data Recovery Service – Data Backup and Protection

Are you getting an error while opening a data file or when trying to restore the file from a backup? Then chances are that the file has corrupted or an important folder required for opening is missing.

There can be any number of other reasons for this ‘Cannot open Sage Company file’ error. The data needs to have recovered for working on the Sage 50 accounts.

Sage 50 Data Recovery – Why do we require it?

Whenever a user is trying to recover data from the backup, or while opening a data file, they might get an error indicating the file cannot be opened. The reasons might be due to:

  • The missing.SAJ folder or the Icon file, .SAI or they do not have matching names
  • The data or the file has been moved from the shared folder to another system or server
  • The data file, shared on more than one system is of different version or release than the Sage 50 software on the system
  • Some.SAJ folders are either hidden or have restricted rights for the Windows users
  • The server connection has lost

The issue can be fixed and the Data recovery performed successfully, using the below troubleshooting steps.

Steps Involved in Recovering Sage 50 Data

Before trying out procedures to recover data, ensure that the latest version of the software has installed, and do a complete scan of the system to check for any virus or malware attack.

1.  Verifying.SAI file and.SAJ folder:

  • Check if both the .SAI file and.SAJ folder is present in the same location.
  • If not, then you need to rectify it by moving them back on the same folders
  • If you are not able to move them back, then restore the files from backup.
  • Also, check if both the .SAI and .SAJ folder has similar matching names, except for the extensions. Even a simple space difference can create an error.

2. Check the presence of the Connection Manager installation

If you are working on a particular system and trying to open a Sage Company file but not able to do it, check if the Connection Manager for Sage is installed in the system.

  • Go to Start and click on Programs to check if you can locate the connection manager for Sage 50 version you are using.
  • If not, either install the Connection Manager or move the file to the system which has the connection manager installed, before opening it.

3. Check for multiple entries

Is the particular file which you are trying to access, and which has given the error being used by multiple people? Verify before recovering data or continuing with the opening.

  • Click on Sage 50 and find the location where the file is located
  • Now, find the .SAJ folder, and verify if you can locate Process. PID
  • If this file is present in the folder, then someone else is accessing the file and has either logged into the system as Single-user or there is a Hung Process. Contact the Sage tech support experts for assistance on this issue.

4.Restore from backup

If the file you are trying to open in the normal mode is not working, restore the particular file from the backup.

  • Click on File>Restore>Browse to locate the required backup.
  • Click Open and Next and select the desired restoration method:
    a. Overwrite on Existing Company Date or
          b. Create a New Company using Restored Data
  • Now, click on Next and click on any one of the options as desired, to complete restoration.
  • When completed, click on Finish for the data to restore successfully.

Data recovery in Sage 50 is an essential and very crucial process for safety reasons. Dial-up the Accountsportal Sage tech support experts for assistance on setting up a fool-proof data recovery system, as well as gaining knowledge about restoring data from the backup. Call 1-800-796-0471 toll-free Sage 50 technical support team 24×7.