Sage 50 2020 US Edition Release in July 2019 – What to Expect

Sage 50 2020 US Edition

If you’re using a retired version of sage 50 u.s. edition. Then you’re no longer eligible for product updates and therefore not taking advantage of the latest features and upgrades! We recommend checking out the latest release. Learn more.

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Sage 50 2020 US Edition is going to be released in 2019. The main point that is coming out from the news is that the Database Engine – Pervasive SQL is now going to be upgraded to Actian Zen.

That’s the only reason why this news is important for all the Sage users to read it for the information over the subject.

Sage is now working on to update the Database Management System Application to Actian Zen. Pervasive SQL will not be in use anymore.

Actian Zen – Here is everything you need to know about this new database Engine

Actian Zen Database Engine is one of the high performance, low maintenance, and small footprint software with a very reliable process and functioning. This has, undoubtedly, the best DBMS interface in the world.

It is built to support all types of sage 50 u.s. edition 2020 Data Management Platforms:

  • Branch Office, Cloud, IoT, Mobile, and Remote.
  • Actian Zen holds the combination of SQL relational access and NoSQL programmatic API-based access. It is best designed for the standard access of any operating work environment, ARM or Intel platforms.

The Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) support cost has also been reduced. It also shows compatibility with fantastic backward compatibility and Zero-DBA.

It, through SQL database access and NoSQL, enables developers to take out the best performance and flexibility in the business applications.

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Why one should upgrade from Pervasive SQL to Actian Zen?

Actian Zen v13 holds better support and compatibility with Windows 10. To receive any maintenance and security-related updates, it is better to have an upgrade installed first.

Actian Zen, through its updated version, offers certain types of installation components that could lead to many Sage 50 Installation issues and a few Actian Zen issues.

Once you install this upgrade, there will be very fewer chances of activation and re-activation issues.

What benefits you’ll get if you upgrade your sage 50 2020 Pervasive SQL to Actian Zen

  • Maintenance-free Operations, Scalability, and compatibility with multiple versions. You can easily hold applications that cover single-user also to a large number of users, clients as well as their database. It doesn’t even change the database and keeps it in sync.
  • Standard Interface ODBC and SQL.
  • No application requires ODBC adapter code Actian Zen speaks native ODBC.
  • It saves time while executing the process.
  • Small Memory Footprint – Actian Zen holds a very small footprint due to its requirement of small memory.
  • Sage 50cloud and Sage 50 U.S. Edition won’t be able to use and maintain any of the version of Sage 2019 or prior version.

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