Sage 50 2018 Upgrade

The Sage 50 software is in the market with its latest version that is Sage 50 2019. The latest version comes with the new improved and advanced features along with some of its add-ons. Without wasting time upgrade your software to enjoy the benefits of the latest version. The upgraded version is more effective than the previous one, as all the bugs and issues are fixed and are modified, keeping the business requirements in mind.

Some of the new and enhanced features that are helpful in saving your time and money are Multi-User, Security, Open Multiple Companies, Productivity Enhancements and Accounts Payable (AP) Automation, Broadcast Invoicing, Inventory & Services Management, Pricing Formulas, Time Card Entry for Payroll, Expanded employee information and many more. For upgrading the software you need to ensure that your system is compatible or not as there are some system requirements for the upgrade.

What’s New in Sage 50 US 2019Features which are available only for Sage 50 subscription

As soon as you install the latest version of Sage 50 software, you can enjoy the benefits of the latest features that are added while keeping the business requirements in mind. Some of the latest features that are applicable for only Sage 50c subscribers are listed below:

● Account Payable Automation: Sage 50 is now available for the integration with Beanworks, to provide accounts payable automation services. It has the ability to self-regulate the process of making electronic payments, coding invoices and approving invoices.

● Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud: This feature is one of the most effective features as it allows you to manage the Sage Intelligence Reporting from Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium dashboard, through this you can customize and prepare a report from scratch and can save them in different formats available.

● Office 365 User Permissions and Roles: Microsoft Office 365 have been updated with some access security levels so that you can control the access level of the user for Sage 50 integration, for example, Sage Intelligence, Sage Capture, and Sage Contact.

● Sage Capture: This feature is used if you have MS-Office 365 Business Premium, Sage capture app enables you to click a picture of a receipt and fill the details for the transaction on your iPhone or iPad and this transaction can be imported into Sage 50 software.

Upgrading the Sage software (Automatic and Manual)

For upgrading the software automatically, you need to follow the given steps:

● Go to the tools, then click on the Internet options.
● Once you click on the internet option you will see radio buttons that will show you three ways for a Sage 50 upgrade like check for the updates, download them automatically and install once I exit.
● Next click on the OK button.

Quick Tips for Sage Upgrade

● If you have the Sage 50 2016.2 or higher version, you will be prompted with the message to install a new version and it is automatically downloaded.
● Installing or uninstalling of Sage 50 will not remove or change your company data.
● While installing the downloaded Sage 50 installer, the Destination folder is where the installed files are extracted.
● If you open a company with the new version, then it will be automatically made compatible with the new version.


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