Sage 300c 2018 Overview & New Features

Sage 300 Classic was revamped with a fresh a look in 2018 that brings in the modern and fresh look to its desktop version. Not just the look but these tweaks in buttons and screen made operating of various tasks and information conveniently and accessible. Enhancing the interface, now the place of conventional toolbar and menus has been taken by a ribbon that has increased the consistency of interface with other applications used by you, for example, Microsoft Office.

Sage 300c

Sage 300c is designed specially to provide aid to medium and small industries in managing their business efficiently and effectively without getting restricted by geographical limitations. With Sage 300c you don’t have to spend extra bucks for getting enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, it will perform all the functions in a much better way. Sage 300c will help in collaborating all the vital aspects of your business ranging from finance, vendor management, project management, inventory, operations, payroll management, and human resource management, customer services, sales and marketing.

Advantages that come with Sage 300c will keep coming as it is designed specially to provide ease in business management. An extensive network of Sage with the third party solution providers has enabled Sage to provide even better services and capability to answer the customized needs of the customers. Sage 300c aims to provide you with a business environment where you may receive trusted solutions be it a fulfilling the orders, processing the orders accepting payments, employee payments, project management etc by a single trusted software.

What’s New in Sage 300c 2018

Sage 300c provides access to your transactional and business data with any device, anywhere and anytime, ensuring better control over the geographically scattered business.

It helps in eliminating the complexities engaged in managing the finances of the business. Sage 300c 2018 will give you the real-time and accurate understanding of your finances, be it cash flow, payables, receivables etc. You can tackle all the financial issues even before they take a form of big problems. Sage 300c ensures comprehensive accounting along with the financial management, like accounts payable, general ledger, processing of payments, accounts receivable etc.

Sage 300c makes the opening and finding of the windows that are used recently. With the enhanced web toolbar, you can easily find all the windows under the tab Recently Used Windows, removing any kind of hassles in finding them again.

Finder’s improved performance is another important feature of Sage 300c 2018. Finder’s ensures the display of better results swiftly, as compared to the previous version while working in the large database.

The better process of import and export in I/C Physical Inventory Quantities screen.


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