Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153

If you are a Sage 300 ERP user and have tried activating Add-ons, you might have come across-‘Error while opening view’ or the Error 49153, when trying to open the company file. While these errors are not common, they may occur due to some issues within the system and can be resolved easily through simple troubleshooting steps. Or, you can also call the Sage technical support team to deal with it immediately.

Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153

Resolution for Error occurred while opening View

This error, occurring when activating an Add-on module or the Sage- ACCPAC in Sage 300 ERP can be due to missing msvcrtd.dll and the msvcr80.dll files from the system. Since these files are essential for running the application under consideration, it needs to be resolved before activating the Add-ons.

As a resolution, try downloading the ‘DLL’ files, according to the specifications of your system. For instance,

  1. For a 32 bit system, extract the DLL files in – c:\windows\system32 folder
  2. For a 64 bit system, extract the DLL files in – c:\Windows\sysWoW64 folder

Since these DLL files are a mandatory requirement for execution of UI applications, not having them within the system might cause the ‘Error occurred during opening view’ issue. Resolve it successfully to active the Add-ons.

However, despite the presence of these files you are still facing the error; call our Accountsportal Sage help desk to talk to the experts. The s helpdesk experts will analyze the issue before getting a proper solution to it.

Causes for the Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153

Have you been trying to open the company file and receiving error messages such as ‘Error code –49153? Such errors can occur at times with the SQL database. The reasons of the error may be due to:

  • A firewall or an antivirus is interfering with the command
  • Connection to the SQL and the database is down due to some external reasons
  • ODBC/DSN is not valid for the system or the server under use
  • SQL client version has certain issues
  • An invalid server name is used or shown by the client

Resolution for the Sage 300 ERP Database Error 49153:

Before beginning the resolutions, try to shut down the SQL services and restart them from the server. Check if the issue has resolved on its own. Sometimes a simple disconnection issue could also have resulted in the error. In such cases, restarting SQL database might help. If not, try this:

  • Click OPEN the RUN COMMAND on Windows and
  • On the SEARCH window, key-in the words ‘MSC’
  • Click ‘OK’.
  • Now, on the window that opens up on the search command, find the SQL server.
  • Check if the STATUS on the SQL server shows as ‘STARTED’. If it does not show as ‘STARTED’, we can manually start the process.
  • To begin with, right-click on the OPTIONS (In SQL server) and select ‘START’ to activate the process
  • A pop-up window, with SERVICE CONTROL notification, will appear. You can either manually close it or it will close on its own.
  • Now, you have established the connections to SQL database successfully! Log into the Sage 300 ERP to continue with your work.

Try the antivirus or the firewall settings and manually set it as a last attempt to resolve the error.

If, however, despite establishing the connections to SQL database or fiddling with firewall settings, the Error is not resolved, call our Sage 300 Tech Support experts on Accountsportal help desk number ✆+1-800-796-0471.

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