Sage 100 Error: “MAS has Stopped Working”

Sage 100 is one sought after software incepted with the aim of providing a comprehensive accounting solution ensuring all the financial tasks are completed within the stipulated time period. However, there are times when you face errors while working on the software which interferes in the workflow causing more of a loss. One such error that is faced with Sage 100 software is when an error message is encountered stating any of the following:

  • Sage 100 Has Stopped Working
  • Sage 100 ERP has Stopped Working
  • MAS has Stopped Working

The last message is generally displayed with those Sage 100 versions that have been retired. They can occur at various points and tasks with data recording and check to print being most common.

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Common Reason behind Sage 100 Error – MAS has stopped working

MAS has stopped working

Some of the common causes due to which Sage 100 error has occurred is listed below:

  • Unauthorized printers access
  • Operating System not supported by the software
  • Other Applications are interfering with the working of Sage 100.

How to Fix the Sage 100 Error – “MAS has Stopped Working”

In order to resolve the MAS issue with Sage 100 software user should try to follow the listed solutions and approach all in the same pattern as they are listed. Moreover,

  • Verify all printers are valid on server and workstation. Confirm printer status shows Ready
  • Review the Support Platform Matrix for supported workstations
  • Shut down other programs running in background
  • Adjust Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Settings for Sage 100 software
    • Open Command prompt as Administrator
      • Verify title displays Administrator: Command Prompt
    • Enter the following command:
      • exe /set nx AlwaysOff
      • You should get the following response:
        • “The operation completed successfully.”
      • Reboot Machine for settings to take effect
    • Have all users exit Sage 100. Then rename the following two files on the Application Server, in “..\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM
      • m4t
      • m4t

Another common reason for MAS has stopped working error in Sage 100 is when the user is trying to perform a printing task. User encounters a message stating that MAS has stopped working which could be due to the specified printer in the report is either not available or is inaccessible from the system hosting Sage 100. The two most common examples of this are:

  • Drivers of the printer selected could be deleted or uninstalled from the system.
  • Another system having the report accessed by another user consist of the specified printer not authorized to be accessed on the hosted system.

Sage Technical Support

The above-mentioned solution should help in resolving the Sage 100 Error – MAS Has Stopped Working without any hassle. In case the user still faces the problem and the error persists, then it is advised to contact the Sage error support team equipped to handle these and other types of errors as they are intensively trained to tackle almost all kinds of Sage issues. In the scenario that the user is unable to connect with the required support team, they can try alternative sage support agencies like accountsportal on their Toll-Free Number – ✆+1-800-796-0471 or visit website – for Sage Chat Support.