Printing Error: “Sage 100 ERP has Stopped Working” When Printing Accounts Payable Checks

Error: “Sage 100 ERP has stopped working” or “Sage 100 ERP has stopped responding” when printing Accounts Payable in Sage 100 versions 2013 or higher

Sage 100 ERP is the Enterprise Resource Planning solution that is used by many small and medium industries. While working on the software, you can come across some printing issues while taking printouts. You will come across the following printing error messages:

Error Message: Sage 100 ERP has stopped working.


Error Message: Sage 100 ERP has stopped responding.

You will receive the following error messages while printing the Accounts Payable in Sage 100 ERP.


Here are some causes that lead to the printer error in Sage 100.

  • Forms from the older versions are using the formulas that are no longer in user on your Sage 100.
  • The Check form may be modified and the formula was deleted from the form after modification.


Follow the steps below to resolve your Sage 100 printing error. Before applying the solutions mentioned in this article, check that the Basic Syntax is picked for the Formula Editor while you are modifying the formulas in the Formula Editor and not the Crystal Syntax. After this, you will have to save the changes made.

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Solution I: Creation of a new Form Code

  • Click on Accounts Payable and go to the option Check Printing & Electronic Payment.
  • Hover your cursor over the Form Code field and write down the new name for the new form.
  • Choose the type of Form template for printing.
  • Press OK.

Note: if you want to modify the new form code, you have an option to open it in the Crystal Reports Designer.

Solution II: Update the formulas for Print GL Variable & Print GL Distribution in the previous Form Code

  • Open your report in the Crystal Reports Designer.
  • Change the formula on the main check form. To do so, you will have to open the Crystal Reports. Go to View option in the menu bar.
  • Click on the Field Explorer section and go to the Formulas fields. Now, press the Edit option to open up the Formula Workshop.
  • Click on Formula Editor.
  • Now, you will have to replace the formula in the subreport. To do so, go to Edit Subreport.
  • Click on the Crystal Reports and go to the View option in the menu bar.
  • Go to the Field Explorer section and click on the Formulas Field Section.
  • Choose the formula and right-click on it and click on Edit option to open the Formula Workshop.
  • Go to the Formula editor.

Note: If you want to access each check stub subreport then you will have to double-click on the accurate subreport. Then, the Print GL Distribution formula for each subreport are to be corrected. There is a total of four subreports.

The solution in this article will quickly resolve your printing error in Sage 100. In case, the errors still persist even after following the solution in this article, then you should reach out to for assistance. You just have to call on their Sage help desk number ✆+1-800-796-0471. You can call them at any point in time as they are available round the clock. For Live Chat assistance, visit their official website for assistance.