Sage 100 Contractor v18 Service Host Stops Working Error

At times, while working with Sage 100 Contractor, one receives error messages like ‘Unable to communicate with the license server’ or ‘Sage Service host stops working’. This occurs due to the server host that is connecting and controlling license administration for the Sage 100 contractor has stopped working. The Sage 100 has stopped working error can be resolved, if we can detect the proper cause for it, and also analyze the reasons as to why this has occurred in the first place.

Let us look at the causes for ‘SAGE SERVICE host stops working’ error and the possible resolutions to the problem. In case you do not want to attempt the resolutions without a technical person in hand, call our Sage technical help numbers for assistance on the issue.

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What is Sage service host stops working Error?

To understand the error and its cause, one needs to know what a ‘license server’ indicates. A license server is a type of application, called the Windows service, which is a background program that runs on a computer and helps connect you to the Software. When the error occurs, the Sage 100 contractor will not be able to communicate with the license server, thereby it will stop performing the required operations.

The causes for this error can be innumerable, including a wrong server is indicated for a workstation or the service needs to be restarted on the server. The possible resolution is to reboot the computer and restart the software to establish the communication lines to the server once again.

How to Resolve Error ‘Sage service host stops working’?

Since the issue is with the server communications, one way to do it is to reboot the computer on which this error has surfaced. When rebooting the computer, all essential windows services will also restart, thereby canceling out whatever has happened before, which has resulted in the error initially.

Also, since the windows services are starting, those related to the Sage 100 contractor software will also be restarted, thereby establishing the connections. In case you do not want to reboot the computer altogether, you can also RESTART the services on the system, to ensure the connection to the SAGE LICENSE SERVER is established.

Restarting the Services:

  • To restart services, click open the ‘WINDOWS START’ tab
  • On the RUN or SEARCH window displayed, key-in SERVICES.MSC in small letters
  • Now, you need to locate the service called the ‘SAGE 100 CONTRACTOR HOSTING FRAMEWORK.
  • Once done, click on ‘RESTART’ from the menu for that service
  • Again, locate the service ‘SAGE SERVICE HOST (V1.1). RESTART the service by right-clicking on it, from the Menu.
  • Since the services are restarting once again, you can try and perform the same operation to see if the issue has successfully been resolved.

If the problem related to the error persists despite the services have been restarted, try to REBOOT the computer to check if the error can be fixed. Save all the documents and click on REBOOT the computer. Even after rebooting, the error ‘Sage service host stops working’ persists; you need to call our experts from Accountsportal Sage technical support to help resolve the issue.

Sage 100 technical support team is available on call 24/7 to deal with any issues pertaining to Sage 100 contractor and its related products. Dial up the toll-free numbers ✆+1-800-796-0471 to resolve the issue immediately!

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