Restore a Deleted QuickBooks File from the Recycle Bin in Windows 8 & 10 with 6 Easy Steps

Have you accidentally deleted a data file or the Company file of QuickBooks? Then they need to be restored in full, to make them work like before again.

As a user of QuickBooks, you will be aware of the all essential and crucial information that is stored in the company file. The company and data files are an integral part of any QuickBooks operation and the whole thing will not work without them.

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As a part of the recovery process, if you are a Windows 8 user, you will be able to completely restore them into the folder back again as good as new. However, if you still operate on Windows 7, the files would be deleted instantly, and not stored in the recycle bin for a later inspection.

For Windows 8 and above users, follow the below procedure to recover the files deleted accidentally, from the QuickBooks folder.

Procedure for Recovering Deleted Folders/Files from Recycle Bin:

Note down the names of the folders or files deleted, before proceeding.

  1. Open the Recycle bin folder by double-clicking on it, from the file explorer window
  2. In case you cannot find it, open file explorer and type Recycle Bin to open the window and ENTER
  3. Browse through to find all QuickBooks related folders and files, and click each one of them to select.
  4. Right-click on the selected list and click RESTORE to restore the files. For selecting more than one file, click on CTRL, hold on to it while selecting the files to be restored.
  5. When restoring, the files will be taken back to the folder in which it was originally present. Open the folder from QuickBooks to check if the files, after restoring, can be opened and used for all operations in QuickBooks.
  6. Launch QuickBooks and try to work on anything in the software to check if the files are in place and working.

If there is a problem with the restoration or the files are not opening from the software, troubleshoot using the following steps. Alternatively, call our QuickBooks customer support for assistance on this issue.

Cloud Hosting SupportTrouble-shooting on Recovery Issues:

If you have recovered all files from the recycle bin, but you are not able to open them, then there is some problem with the recovery process. Either:

  • The file has got corrupted during recovery
  • Or, the complete set of files required to open a company file is not restored fully

Say, for instance, if there are multiple files that have been deleted from the QuickBooks window, and you have only recovered the .qbw file since this is the company file. Unless the ‘tlg’ files or the utility files are recovered with the ‘qbw’ files, the process cannot be successful or the recovery will not be complete.

You will not be able to open the company file without the utility files and the net data to accompany it. Check if there are more files on the recovery bin, and make sure to restore everything related to QuickBooks software before trying to open the file.

Precautions to be taken for such emergencies:

  • What if the file that has been deleted is permanently deleted from the recycle bin too? Agreed that there are software to recover it, but it will be a long shot considering you have a shorter and more surer version to cover up such eventualities.
  • Whenever you are working on the company file or making changes, ensure you take a backup of the company file on another device or on hardware. This will help in having a file safe in place when you lost data to either faulty deletion or due to some other software error.
  • Similarly, check the recycle bin before completing deleting files in them to ensure you do not delete an important file related to the software.

In case you are still facing problems with file recovery, call our Accountsportal QuickBooks help desk on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471. The QuickBooks technical support experts are available 24/7 to deal with any issues related to QuickBooks.

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