Resolve Web Connector Error QBWC1085 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks accounting software option has become an all-in-one solution to conduct all organizational management functions. From making calculations to keeping a record of stocks and shipping management, the software helps in performing all tasks. Though using the software is no less than a blessing for users, it also has some drawbacks that any other software could have. Yes, they also have various errors that arise while you perform some of the tasks. One such error that you come across is Web Connector error QBWC1085 in QuickBooks.

Error Description

The error is a technical one that occurs while creating issues in the online banking system. Today when all banking transactions are done online, this error seems to be bothering. It normally gets displayed when you try to open QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions or starting your PC. You may get either of the following error messages:

  • Exception TypeError: Unknown name, which arises when the QWCLOG.TXT file being used by the Web Connector program is damaged or inaccessible.

Fixing Web Connector error QBWC1085 in QuickBooks

When you’re using Web Connector, which is necessary to connect some web-based programs to software, there can be two instances. One is that your software is not connected to a third-party program and another is when your data file is connected to a third party application that uses Web Connector. The steps involved in resolving the QBWC1085 error in both the cases are mentioned below:

Option 1

When your software is not connected to a third-party program, you can simply remove Web Connector from Startup menu. The steps are as follows:

  1. A user needs to sign in as Windows Administrator
  2. Browse to C:\ProgramData\ Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  3. Delete the QuickBooks Web Connector
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Open QuickBooks

Option 2

When you have your company data file connected to a third-party application using Web Connector, you would definitely have to keep the connector in your system in that case. You can rename the QBWC.TXT and solve the problem. The steps to do that are listed below:

  1. Close QuickBooks and Web Connector, if open
  2. Browse to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector\log.
  4. Reopen Web Connector
  5. Restart the system
  6. Open QuickBooks
  7. Login to the third-party application

The above-mentioned steps will surely resolve the Web Connector QBWC1085 error in QuickBooks. In case, you suffer from difficulties in following the steps, you can contact our QuickBooks tech support helpdesk for further assistance. Our QuickBooks trained experts are highly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of QuickBooks. Technical Support – Scope of Service

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