Resolve QuickBooks Sync Errors by Calling on QuickBooks Error Support Number

QuickBooks errors can cause quite a loss to the company, as the financial activities do not get completed and the software operations get interfered. The sync errors also result in the same issue of interference within the software and related functionalities. One way of resolving these errors is by calling technical experts through QuickBooks Error Support Number.

Some of the most common QuickBooks Sync Errors are categorized under following heads –

  • Clients
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Other Errors

List of common errors faced each category is illustrated below along with its plausible solutions.

Error-related under Clients Section

•   Two clients under Jobber section having same credentials wherein only one can sync with QuickBooks software – This error indicates one of the clients is duplicate of the other in Jobber category and thus the system can’t share details with QuickBooks. The user will need to delete one of the clients which didn’t have the sync icon option, located on the right side of the profile of the client. In case the icon is not found with any client, the user can choose to delete any of the clients they wish to. To resolve this user can also call on QuickBooks error support number for prompt help.

•   User is unable to export a Client’s ‘John Doe’s Businesses Corporation’ details over to QuickBooks: – String Length mentioned does not match with length supported wherein Minimum is 0, Maximum is 25 and Supplied length is 32 – This error has cropped up due to character restriction that is allowed to sync with the client name. The maximum limit allowed is 25 but the supplied is 32. The user will have to shorten the length.

Error-related under Invoices Section

•  Invoice Exporting Error #100 with QuickBooks: – Error is faced with a client ‘John Doe’ – Any syncing error faced with any particular client will result in the error in syncing all the related payments and invoices regarding that client. The user will have to resolve the issues with the client in order to sync the invoice.

Error-related under Payments Section

•  QuickBooks is unable to export payment for a particular client: Operation unsuccessful with error:- Invalid value in the field of CustomerRef: Invalid Customer ID – This particular error occurs when the Payment option is used against customer falling under any one of the categories listed below:

a) Invoice or customer has been merged with another invoice or customer
b) The customer status has been changed to ‘Inactive’
c) Some editing work has been done on the customer profile resulting in the profile not being found.

•  QuickBooks is facing error in exporting payment: – Issue found with the particular customer – Once the user tries to sync with the customer who has been bundled with errors then all the related payments will not get exported. To resolve this issue user will have to resolve the initial problem faced with the customer profile.

Error-related under Other Section

• Error faced while trying to update the tax status of an item to it being taxable. This change will not make any change on the tax calculation for past invoices but will have an effect on the new ones – This error has basically occurred as the status of tax for the particular item in jobber and QuickBooks software does not match. In one area it is showing Non-taxable while in the other section as taxable. In order to resolve the tax status depicted in QuickBooks will have to change to match with that of Jobber.

Sync error in QuickBooks is a technical error and thus should only be handled by technical experts having proficient training and knowledge of QuickBooks software. Thus the best option is to call on QuickBooks Error Support Number to connect with Intuit’s support team.

Alternatively, support agencies like AccountsPortal can also be connected with the website – through which live chat can be availed or call on toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471 to directly connect with QuickBooks experts.