How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1406

QuickBooks is an easy to use accounting software which makes your work easy but there are some situations where it too crashes and you come across some technical errors. These technical errors may be syntax errors, run-time errors or logistic errors. One such technical error which you may come across while working in QuickBooks Accounting Software is QuickBooks Error 1406. It is a run-time error which is caused due to third-party interference.

What is QuickBooks 2018 Error 1406

QuickBooks Error 1406 is a run-time error which is caused when some third party software like Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML and C++.

It is an unrecoverable error. When you come across this error, your software will crash or freeze momentarily.

To resolve your QuickBooks Error 1406, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Solution I: Disabling your anti-virus or some other security software.

  • If you have recently received some update for your Firewall or any anti-virus which you have installed in your computer system.
  • Disable your security software temporarily.
  • You can directly disable your anti-virus and firewall in your system or to disable you can also perform your installation in Selective Startup.

Solution II: QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.exe file from the internet.
  • Now, you will have to save this file in your system.
  • To run this tool in your system, you will have to run it.
  • This process may take around 20 minutes to finish.
  • After this process, you will have to reboot your system.

Solution III: Repair registry damage

  • To repair your registry damage, make sure that your system Administrator and SYSTEM groups have complete control access.
  • It should have complete access to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\iaSTOR registry key.
  • Now check whether the owner of this key and all the subs keys are set to Administrators group.

Solution IV: Windows Updates for Third-Party Software

  • Check for Windows Updates for missing updates for .NET Framework, MSXML and C++.
  • If by chance your Windows Operating system is out-of-date, then your QuickBooks software which is saved into your system may not work correctly.
  • After updating your system, you will have to reboot your system.

Here are some solutions recommended by Intuit to resolve this QuickBooks technical Error 1406. If you want support assistance, then you will have to contact QuickBooks Support. You can also connect with other QuickBooks third-party consultants like They have highly trained QuickBooks professionals who have experience in handling such sensitive issues.

To get in touch with them, you just have to call them on their QuickBooks Error Support Number ✆+1-800-796-0471. You can call them anytime as they are available round the clock to provide assistance to thousands of QuickBooks users worldwide.