How to Resolve the Issue of ‘Unable to Open Sage 50 cx’?

Sage 50’ suite of business software helps small and mid-sized companies manage their payroll, HR and accounting tasks. It offers cloud functionality and is compatible with MS Office 365, thus allowing data access from any location, as well as collaboration across teams and companies.

Sage 50 might become unresponsive and users might fail to open it.

The program might not open when the desktop icon is clicked even though no error is displayed; ‘Peachw.exe’ might appear and disappear in the Task Manager; the Sage 50 service release (SR) update fails, or Sage 50 accounting runs in the background.


  • Network drive is connected
  • Conflicting processes are running
  • Pervasive hasn’t been started or a wrong version of it is installed
  • The Pervasive folder location is wrong
  • MS .NET framework has been corrupted
  • Sage 50 is in compatibility mode
  • The CPU is functioning at full capacity
  • Program has been uninstalled or its shortcut is damaged
  • UAC has been enabled
  • Program files are in an incorrect location of a 64-bit system
  • Program shifted to a new system via file transfer application
  • Files were locked when Sage 50 didn’t close normally
  • The user profile in Citrix has been damaged

IMPORTANT: To solve the issue, users must be highly knowledgeable about operating systems and so, an IT expert must be contacted to do the job. Any wrong modification of the Windows Registry can seriously/permanently damage the computer’s functions. Users must back up the data before trying the solutions.


1: Sage 50 Accounting running in the background

NOTE: For networks that have multiple computers, the steps should be started on the server first.

  • Users must press Ctrl + Alt +Delete to open the Task Manager.
  • In Windows Vista, 7 or the server, the ‘Processes’ tab must be chosen. In Windows 8/10, ‘More Details’ should be selected, followed by the ‘Details’ tab.
  • Next, ‘EXE’ must be chosen, followed by ‘End process’ or ‘End Task’. Then ‘W3DBSMGR.EXE’ must be chosen, followed by ‘End process’ or ‘End Task’. Now, users must close the ‘Task Manager’ and press Windows + R.
  • Next, ‘SERVICES.MSC’ must be typed in and OK selected.
  • Then, users must right-click on ‘Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine’ and choose ‘Start’.
  • Then, they should exit the ‘Services’ window and check that Sage 50 Accounting starts without any issue.

2: Network drive disconnected

Users must open the Windows Explorer and find the mapped drive used by Sage 50. If a red ‘x’ is visible on the drive, users must refer to resources on this issue.

3: Company files are locked

Users must refer to resources on force-opening a sample company. If users can access the sample company without any error, they should online resources on the following topics:

  • Locating company directories
  • Sage 50 can’t be started, and company folder contains outdated/damaged files

4: Repair had been run and now doesn’t have the current Service Release

  • After closing Sage 50, users must open ‘Computer’ and go to the ‘Updates’ folder that’s located in the data path.
  • Then, right-clicking the current Service Release, they should choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Then they should install the update based on the instructions on-screen. Once done, Sage 50 must be opened.
  • Then, users must choose ‘Help’, followed by ‘About Sage 50 Accounting’ to check that the update was installed.

5: If the Sage icon doesn’t respond on clicking and the following occur, users must refer to online resources for addressing the issues:

  • Pervasive problems not letting Sage icon function properly
  • Incorrect installation of the program
  • UAC is enabled
  • The program running in compatibility mode
  • CPU running at 100%
  • Service Release is missing or has failed
  • Conflicting processes running
  • Sage icon is damaged
  • .NET framework is damaged
  • The program was closed abnormally

6: Windows user profile is damaged

A new Windows user profile must be created that has local administrator rights. Then, the user must log in to Windows with the new profile and check that Sage 50 opens normally.

7: The user in Citrix is damaged

The user must create a new profile in Citrix.

NOTE: Even though Sage 50 can function in Citrix, it isn’t supported.

For any further support, users must call the Sage Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number ✆+1-800-796-0471. The Sage help desk teams can provide round-the-clock help on any Sage product or application issue.