Resolve Error Code 31600 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is powerful software that can get tangled into a web of errors which might end up interrupting the workflow of the business and thereby resulting in losses. These errors can interrupt the workflow of the business thereby causing business loss if not resolved within a certain time period. One such error code encountered by users is – QuickBooks Error Code 31600. This usually occurs while the user is either adding or deleting the accountant’s access from the software.

 QuickBooks Error Code 31600 can be caused due to the following situations

  1. The error occurs when the user completes payroll tasks through the Direct Deposit method.
  2. When a backup of company file is set up.
  3. Generating a portable file.
  4. When the company files are being generated.
  5. When the user accesses the opened company file.
  6. Rebuilding or verifying properties option.
  7. Trying to record or save a transaction
  8. Download of Payroll Updates.

Resolve QuickBooks Error 31600

Intuit has provided a certainly feasible solution for this error as displayed below:

 Step 1 – Manage users affected by QuickBooks Error 31600

  • Generate user access with login credentials along with a password from the menu bar.
  • Select the option of setup user.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Users – from the main menu click on Company option followed by Setup Users and Roles tab
  • Now select Add Users option and access it with user login credentials – both username and password.
  • Select on Next tab and then customize user info as required.
  • Lastly, click on the Finish tab and then again login with new login credentials.

 Step 2 – Access QuickBooks Desktop Software

  • Click on Desktop while Accessing QuickBooks Software
    • Click on Control Key and hold it for some time.
    • Double click on the QuickBooks software icon.
    • Again click and hold on Control key if the company window is not open.
  • Click on Desktop while Accessing Company File
    • Before accessing the open company screen, select the required company file from the program.
    • Click and press for some time ALT key on the keyboard.
    • Now select Open option before releasing the ALT key, followed by typing in required user login credentials (Username and Password) in case prompt for same is displayed.
    • Ensure the company file is completely opened before the user releases the ALT key and then click on OK.
    • User encounters a blank screen courtesy of QuickBooks. Once the user can view the QuickBooks menu, this means the company file has opened.

 Step 3 – Generate Windows Administrator

  • Windows 10 users
    • Click on Start icon followed by the Settings tab and then Account option.
    • Select the option labelled Family & Other Users.
    • Under the new screen click on the option – Add someone else to the PC.
    • A user should have chosen the option stating – ‘I do not have this sign-in information for this person’.
    • Now select ‘Add a User’ with the Microsoft account for the same.
    • Type in a new name for the new account.
    • Select the option labelled ‘Finish’ followed by clicking on the Newly Created Account option.
    • Select the type of the Account.
    • Lastly, select the Admin option and then perform the right-click option.

 Step 4 – Generate Windows Server

  • Access Service Manager, select the required tool and then Computer Management
  • Expand the option of Users & Groups wherein select the Groups option.
  • Next double click on the Administrators Group to access Admin Properties screen.
  • Select the option of Add followed by Computer – Service Account / Group Window under users option
  • Lastly, type in the account that is required under Local Administrator Groups followed by clicking on the OK tab.

The above 4 steps should help to resolve the issue of QuickBooks Error 31600. In case the error still persists move on to connect with the QuickBooks Error Support team housed by Intuit for this purpose only. If the user is unable to connect with the experts, they can try to get the resolution through alternative support agencies set up for QuickBooks software. One such agency is called that can be either contacted through Toll-Free Number: ☎+1-800-796-0471 or visited on their website – for online chat support.