Repairing QuickBooks through QuickBooks Error Tech Support Number

QuickBooks is strong and powerful software which is as prone to errors as any other sophisticated accounting software out available in the market. It tends to cause much more damage than others as most of the financial part of any business is depended on it along with other roles like Point of Sale function, inventory management, Payroll duties etc. To resolve the issue best option is to get connected with QuickBooks Error Technical Support Number which is basically handled by QuickBooks certified technical experts who can easily identify the reason behind the error and resolve it accordingly.

One of the most common regions behind errors cropping up is the faulty or corrupted installation. If the user repairs the residing QuickBooks software installation process, most of the errors can get resolved in just a few clicks. To do so manually and without garnering support from experts by calling through QuickBooks Error Support Number, the user needs to follow given instructions after ensuring the software is not running. Furthermore, it is assumed that the user has installed the QuickBooks Software using the CD as in some case CD is required.

[Ensure that you are not misinformed due to references provided for Installation Wizard, as it is this Wizard that perform repair function]

  • First and foremost ensure that you have the backup copy of your company file so as to avoid losing out on any data.
  • Go to Start option and click on the icon followed by the Control Panel option. In Windows 8 user will have to type in Control Panel in space provided for Search option.
  • Now in the new window labelled Control Panel locate the option called Programs and Features, then followed with Uninstall a Program if necessary.
  • In case the option is not available, the user will have to click on Programs and then further select Program Features.
  • From the given list of programs locate and click on QuickBooks and then click on Uninstall / Change option.
  • If further asked then select Continue tab and end with Next button.
  • Click on Finish option to completely uninstall the software and then reinstall the latest version of QuickBooks Software

At times while the repair process is continuing you might get interrupted with messages stating files are in use in which case listed steps should be followed:

  • Click ignore tab if the reboot is asked for and then select on OK.
  • At times the above step has to be repeated again and again. The repair process should not be stopped.
  • In case ignore tab is not available, select Close option and once the repair process is completed reboot the system.

If the above does not work and error does not get resolved, it is recommended to connect with QuickBooks Error Tech Support Number handled by the technical team brought up and housed by Intuit for QuickBooks error resolution. These trained experts are professionally trained to identify and resolve all errors related to QuickBooks software without any delay.

Another option is supported agency through which live chat options can be contacted by visiting the website – or dialling toll-free number + ☎1-800-796-0471.