Repair Adobe Acrobat: QuickBooks Unable to Locate PDF Viewer

When you are trying to print a document or notes or an invoice from QuickBooks, is it not allowing you to do so? Do you get a message saying ‘QuickBooks cannot locate the PDF viewer’?

If so, then you need to find the problem with the Adobe Acrobat, rather than the QuickBooks software itself.

QuickBooks software allows users to print forms, notifications, invoices, bills and many more directly from the software. This feasibility to access the printer and printing the PDF documents makes it easier to work on multi-level programs within the software. So, any problems such as this, where the access to the PDF is hindered or severed, can have serious repercussions, if not amended immediately.

You can either call a QuickBooks technical expert to look into the issue, or talk to them to understand where the problem persists. Alternatively, given below are the causes and some resolutions for this problem.

Why does the message ‘QuickBooks unable to Locate PDF’ surfaces in the software?

One of the major reasons would be a corruption in the Acrobat reader or the installation of Adobe acrobat reader is damaged. Another reason could be the fact that the versions of the Software and the Adobe Acrobat reader are not compatible or do not match.

Updating the Adobe Acrobat to the latest version can resolve the issue. Repairing them, or reinstalling the Adobe would be a final fix for this problem.

How to Resolve ‘QuickBooks Cannot Locate PDF viewer’ error?

Not having a PDF viewer or PDF reader to view, analyse or print documents can be frustrating. Hence, let us look at some of the ways in which the problem can be fixed:

Resolution – 1

To begin with, try to check if there are any problems in the PDF viewer or the Adobe reader by clicking on repair.

  • Go to Start and Add or Remove Programs and browse to locate the ‘Acrobat Reader’ from the list
  • Select the ‘Acrobat Reader’ and right-click on it to locate’ Repair’. Click on Repair, and wait till the process of repairing finishes. This might take a while.
  • After repair, the system will ask permission to restart. Click OK, and wait for the system to restart. The changes, if any, would have applied, and adobe reader repaired.

Open QuickBooks to check if you are able to access PDF from the software. If not, then continue to the next resolution.

Resolution – 2

  • Uninstalling the Adobe Acrobat and reinstalling again, with the same CD used for installation can resolve the issue.
  • Check if you have the Acrobat installation CD, before After reinstalling the acrobat reader, go to ‘QuickBooks software’ and check if you are able to access PDF documents.
  • If you still have problems accessing the PDF documents, or printing them, then as a last resort, try to find any new updates available for the acrobat reader, and download and install them.

If even after updating the acrobat reader, the problem persists, dial up our QuickBooks experts from Accountsportal for any kind of assistance related to QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks technical support experts can gauge the issue and locate where the error or the issue has surfaced, and address it as desired. Since you need PDF to access most documents from the software, having it up and running is a priority. Call up the round-the-clock QuickBooks helpline ✆+1-800-796-0471.