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Keeping a check on the movement of cash flow within the business while maintaining a systematic process for daily transaction recording is a simple however, time taking and a tedious task. These activities, however, hold quite an important place in generating an authentic end of the year report with accurate calculations that facilitate better decision making for the future of the business. Thus, in order to help the business owners all across the world, Intuit introduced QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks is a user friendly account management software that was incepted with tools and features required under small to medium sized businesses to work in a systematic manner. This software will ensure that you are a step ahead of your competitor by ensuring all the information provided is authentic and reliable.

Benefits of Employing QuickBooks with your Business:

“QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners.” To prove this statement benefits of the software are listed below that provide an advantageous edge to the business against their competitors:

  • Time & Money Resource: As some of the tedious bookkeeping and accounting activities are completed automatically by the software, user saves up on the time as well as money resource which can be used to focus on other profitable areas of the business.
  • Create Reports: creation and designing of required reports become easier as all the needed data is stored within the software ensuring accurate and authentic report is incepted.
  • Better Decision Making: In correlation with the point above, the software also helps in fruitful decision making as the user is aware about the profit made by the business and how much growth is seen in the year.
  • Affordable: The software offers much more in terms of required tools while being quite economical on the pocket of the business.
  • Customizable: The software is highly customizable and flexible to bend in the manner user requires it to. It offers ready made templates as well as designs for forms and reports which can be set in term of business requirement and needs.
  • Stability: The software is quite reliable in providing required information in systematic manner and requested format filled with accurate details. As long as the user has provided initial details in correct manner, the further work processed by the software is reliable only.

Different Editions and Versions:

Not all the businesses require same tools and features. Different versions of small business require different integrated tools while different industries also require different sets of reports and forms. Keeping this varied requirement of the businesses, QuickBooks manufacturers offer different versions of the software with different editions integrated… Main set of editions and versions are listed below:

1. QuickBooks Pro: This is the most basic version of QuickBooks integrated with tools required by small business and startups with limited number of employees. The software tackles almost all kinds of accounting tasks but can be used by only set number of employees (1-3 users).

2. QuickBooks Premier: A notch above QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier differs from the above software in terms of number of users allowed (from 1-5 users). Moreover, user can also subscribe the software in terms of industry they are working in, as this version of software comes with following editions:

a. QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Industry
b. QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Industry
c. QuickBooks Premier Retail Industry
d. QuickBooks Premier General Contractor Industry
e. QuickBooks Premier General Business
f. QuickBooks Premier Professional Services

3. QuickBooks Enterprise: QuickBooks Enterprise version was incepted for larger segment of mid sized organizations that are dealing with multiple branches as well as products. This version of the software allow for up to 100 simultaneous users which can be extended up to 30 user licenses.

4. QuickBooks POS: As an added bonus for retail industry, QuickBooks accounting software can be integrated with the same brand’s Point of Sale application ensuring authentic and complete tracking of inventory along with systematic completion of sales order is possible.

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