QuickBooks Record Merchant Service Deposits and Fees Error

QuickBooks is a well known and powerful accounting software that is utilized by various small and large businesses. Merchant service is one such ideal services of the QuickBooks program. It is also called QuickBooks payment for business. The QuickBooks Record Merchant Service Deposits and Fees Error begins to appear when a user downloads and tries to record Merchant Service Deposits and Fees into the QuickBooks. Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the error effectively.

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Resolution of the Error

  • In case you are confronted with this error, you should choose the Ok button on the pop-up screen and then close the QuickBooks program.
  • Now reboot your system and the QuickBooks also.
  • Then, try to start afresh. Download once again by clicking the ‘Record all selected card deposits‘ option. You may see under the Banking option and after that click on the Record Merchant Service Deposit.

Steps for Merchant Service Deposit Record

  • Transactions can be recorded manually once you receive the payment.
  • In order to receive the payment, you have to click on the Customers’ and after that ‘Receive Payment’ and once the transactions are finished create an entry of it.
  • Then, choose the banking option and then click on the make deposits button.
  • Then you will see all the payments onto the screen.
  • Select all of the payments and then click on the Save and close function.

Manually recording Missing deposits and fees

Missing Fees: In case you miss a fee, you should make the corresponding bill for this. In order to make a bill, follow the steps below.

  • Search Vendor in QuickBooks then selects it.
  • After that click on the entered bill. (You will see an option to choose whether the vendor allowed Intuit merchant account and in case you haven’t one, you may add vendors here).
  • Ensure the expense account is precisely accounted into the accounts filed.
  • Make sure the data recorded is correct, after that save it, and then close.
  • Now you may go back and pay your bill.

Missing Deposit

  • Start the QuickBooks and then select the Banking.
  • Search Make Deposit in the drop-down menu and select it.
  • Ensure the items or products which you want to reconcile.
  • In order to finish the reconciliation procedure, choose ‘Make Deposits‘ options and they will move to the bank account.

Every online payment is downloaded from the Record Merchant Service Deposits function. In case the QuickBooks Desktop program has insufficient user permissions, you will see an error.

Steps to accurately Configure Deposits and Fees Account Settings in the QuickBooks

You have to select an account. Basically, this is the real Bank account where your money is deposited and fee is withdrawn from. In case you have to check the Deposits function, only move to “Record Merchant Service Deposits“, and after that click on the “Change you Deposits settings” that appears at the bottom left side of the screen.

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